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modul photo -intrebare
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Message # 1 | 3:35 PM
can i put a link to a photo from photo album to open ..not to open the picture

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Message # 2 | 5:23 PM
If you mean that you want to go to the page instead of seeing a small window with the picture(commonly known as light box). Here's how to do it.

Go to your control panel, and then go to;

Designs >> Design management (Template) >> Appearance of photo entries

If you got there successfully, you will see an amount of HTML codes. Now you must press CTRL+F and look for $PHOTO_LIGHTBOX_URL$(or you can look for it manually) and exchange it with this $PHOTO_URL$.
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Message # 3 | 5:30 PM
sorry for my english
when i click on a photo in album i want to open a link put by the photo link

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Message # 4 | 11:46 PM
kpk1l, if this link is going to be a static link, meaning it will always be the same every image you can apply the change using the same method YamiTatsuro just explained. Simply insert the http:// link in place of the uCoz codes.

If you are wanting the link to be dynamic, meaning it changes every image could you explain in more depth the concept.

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Message # 5 | 1:10 PM
i found the solution:)
i put one custom field (with the link) and i change $PHOTO_LIGHTBOX_URL$ with $OTHER1$
thx anyway

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