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Help on Photo Albums
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What is "Photo Albums" module and why do I need it ?
"Photo Albums" module allows creation of a full-featured photo gallery on your website, post photos and get them commented.

How do I enable Photo Albums ?
Go to the Control Panel -> "Inactive" tab. Find "Photo Albums" and click it, then click "Activate the module".

I have activated "Photo Albums" and now want to create several categories. How do I do this ?
Go to the Control Panel -> Photo Albums -> Categories management and click "New category".

How can I make a private album?
Go to the Control Panel -> Photo Albums -> Categories management. Find the necessary album and click the "edit" icon. Enter Password to log into the category and click "Save".

How can I delete an album?
Go to the Control Panel -> Photo Albums -> Categories management. Find the necessary album and click the "remove" icon (a red cross). Note, that all album photos will be removed as well.

How do I add a photo to an album?
Log in to your website as an administrator -> Photo Albums -> Add new photo. There a re two ways to add photos – simple addition and addition as a ZIP archive.

Simple addition

Select an album (category) for the photo, choose the necessary photo on your computer or provide the link on the Internet, fill in other fields and click "Save". The photo will be uploaded to the server and added to the album.

Addition as a ZIP archive

If you want to add several photos at a time it’s better to add them as a ZIP archive. Choose the necessary photos, archive them (without creating folders) and click the link "Adding as a ZIP archive" in the right-hand corner of the addition page, fill in all necessary fields and click "Add". The archive will be unpacked and the photos will be added to the necessary album.

What image formats are supported ?

What is max allowed size of a photo ?
Max allowed size of a photo is 3000 Kb.

What is max allowed size of a ZIP archive with photos ?
Max allowed size of a ZIP archive with photos is 40 Mb.

I would like to work with photos as ordinary files: upload photos to albums via FTP.
That’s not possible. When a photo is uploaded two more photos are created, databases are updated etc. FTP client is unable to do this.

I can’t add pictures to the album. I get the message "Illegal file format or the file is corrupted".
Try to resave the photo, maybe it’s really corrupted. Maybe you are trying to upload an animated .gif which is not allowed.

I can’t add a photo. The system gives out "Illegal file format or the file is corrupted" but I am sure that the photo is not corrupted and the format is allowed. What’s the problem?
It may be because of the file name.

Where are photos and pictures saved? I can’t see them either in File Manager or FTP.
To the database. Users don’t have access to it.

I want to change "Name of photo" to some other text, how can I do this?
Control Panel -> Substitution of default phrases.

Can I store photos at my PC and the server will refer to them when necessary?

Is it possible to use HTML tags in a photo description?

Is it possible to create an album with categories, subcategories, groups and subgroups?
No, uCoz photo albums have a two-level structure.

Photos can be rated by guests and other users, but some of them can’t rate some photos or can’t rate any photos at all – they get the message that they have already rated photos. Why is it so ?
Perhaps some users have the same IP address.

Is it possible to add photos as a ZIP archive with the auto sorting by file name?

A photo has been added to the wrong album, is it possible to move it to another album?
Yes, by means of editing the entry.

Is it possible to display names or short descriptions under the photos on the page with their list?
Control Panel >> Customize Design. Edit the corresponding template as you need and add the necessary elements.

When adding a photo and selecting a category some albums are not available for selection. Why is it so?
Check whether this user group is allowed to add photos to unavailable albums.

How can I display last photo from a photo album under each album?
Use informers.

Is it possible to change max length of the album name, more than 50 characters?
No, that’s not possible.

Where can I find the watermark option?
Control Panel » Common settings: Overlay uploaded images with a text (watermark).

I would like to create a page for wallpapers, but the problem is that photos and wallpapers are mixed together. I would like to make an "independent" album. How do I do this?
Add the link to "Wallpapers" in the site menu.

Other users can't see their posted photos, they only can see "Access denied" and later appears this: "Your user group is prohibited from doing this action. Address all your questions to site administrator". I checked user group permissions but everything was ok ...
Probably they checked "Entry is not available for viewing" when adding photos.

Can users create a section?
- No. Sections can be created only via Control Panel.

Can I upload many photos at one time?
- Yes, upload photos as a zip archive or via ftp client.

Photo album video quide

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