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visiting my site
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Message # 1 | 4:52 PM
this message appers whgenever I try to log on to my site on my mac help please how do I get it not to say this: Safari can’t open the page “” because the server where this page is located isn’t responding.
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Message # 2 | 6:21 AM
What happens if you open it with another browser? I tried opening on my mac on the Safari browser and it loaded fine.
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Message # 3 | 7:31 AM
hey samrox59, Nice to see you joining uCoz web services i saw your site its working pretty well.....on my Browser with my provided ISP. As far as concern i guess there's some problem with your internet connection and for the most part if you can open other webpages other then your site then unfortunately, There might be problem in your ISP Try to contact them in order to fix that up.. wink

For more Error analysis try this method :

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Message # 4 | 11:08 AM
Quote (DEEPKG)
For more Error analysis try this method :

Please do what DEEPKG suggested and post the results here:

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