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Reviews about uCoz
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Message # 46 | 9:03 PM
I think it does not matter. SEO optimization can always be improved. There is no dispute that this is very important. I wish success to uCoz. Continue to be number one!

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Message # 47 | 12:08 PM
Stoyanoff, thanks cool
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Message # 48 | 0:52 AM
I find the captcha codes nearly unreadable, requiring multiple tries. And you have to do one every time you log in, which is really annoying.
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Message # 49 | 9:53 AM

Quote (Natashko)
We expect your comments here

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Message # 50 | 1:08 PM

hi i want to request members entering my website to pay a registration/subscription fee before they're allowed to enter the website itself. how do i do that?


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Message # 51 | 2:43 PM
Cutegirl, this can not be done automaticly you need to do it manually by moving users that pay'd you to the checked group and all the other users can be placed automaticly in user group but you need to edit permissions of the user group

Cutegirl, also please use search feature to find a thread about user groups etc , you are posting in the wrong place

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Message # 52 | 7:34 PM
My Disk space limit has been reached, how to add more ? help :help: help please visit my blog at to answer to my problem is because I am new in and I am very grateful to anyone who can help
Post edited by Pupey - Wednesday, 2011-02-16, 7:41 PM
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Message # 53 | 7:51 PM
Pupey, Pupey, You can purchase more disk space by paying a service expansion of disk space
Main » $ » Paid service » diskspace and banners » choose an option

next time use search here is everything about disk space:

and i need to say you reached your limit very quickly

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