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Site awards
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Message # 1 | 10:07 AM
After the last update a new feature has appeared - "Awards", it allows users to give awards to each other.

How to use this module:

1. You can find Awards in Control Panel -> Admin Bar -> Tools -> Awards

2. If this is the first time you go to Awards, you must install the module. If you don’t need Awards any more, you can disable the module in Users -> Module settings -> Enable "Awards" feature – just remove a check mark and save the changes.

3. After you have opened the Awards section, you will see the full list of awards, divided into categories. There are basic settings near each award: Timeout, ID and groups that are allowed to give this award.

4. To create a new award click on "New award" in the top right corner. Select a category, specify URL of the award, its timeout and select the groups to be able to give it.

5. Now, if you want awards to be displayed in user profiles (if they are there), go to Customize Design -> "User personal page" and paste the following code into the necessary place:

<?if($AWARDS_READ_URL$)?><div class="reputation">Awards: <a href="$AWARDS_READ_URL$" title="List of awards"><span class="repNums"><b>$AWARDS$</b></span></a> <?if($AWARDS_DO_URL$)?> <a href="$AWARDS_DO_URL$"><span style="font-size:8pt" title="Give award"><b>[ Give award ]</b></span></a><?endif?><?endif?>

If you want awards to be displayed under avatar, paste the same code into "Appearance of entries" template for forum.

6. To give an award a user must open another user’s profile and click [ Give award ] . Then select an award and add a comment.


If you want to create AWARD TOP, you need to do the following:

1. Go to "Informers" section (Control Panel -> Tools -> Informers). Click "Create informer", enter its name (any) and select AWARDS TOP section. Click "Create".

2. The informer has been created. Now paste the code (e.g. $MYINF_1$) into necessary templates.

3. Here is the result

Question: there is the possibility to evaluate posts on this forum (Good/bad post). How can I do the same on my forum?
Answer: Either restore the default “Appearance of entries” template or paste the following code into the necessary place of this template:

<?if($AWARDS_DO_URL$ && $USER_LOGGED_IN$ && $CUR_USER_ID$!=$UID$)?><div style="float:right"><a href="javascript://" onclick="openLayerB('AwD',0,'/index/55-$UID$-28-forum-$FID$_$TID$_$ID$_16_$TIMESTAMP$','Give award',380,200,1); return false;"><img src="" width="13" border="0" title="Good post"></a> <a href="javascript://" onclick="openLayerB('AwD',0,'/index/55-$UID$-47-forum-$FID$_$TID$_$ID$_16_$TIMESTAMP$','Give award',380,200,1); return false;"><img src="" width="13" border="0" title="Bad post"></a></div><?endif?>

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Message # 106 | 3:52 AM
How to list out the last award or all awards in user personal page? We need to show the award on their page rather than click on the link. Please help. Thank you.
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Message # 107 | 12:12 PM
Good, try this:
<span id="listawards">Loading awards...</span>

<script type="text/javascript">
            $.get('/index/54-$_USER_ID$', function(data){

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Message # 108 | 3:23 AM
I have another question about ajax window. When i add an award and write the message. The keyboard of the phone covers the form.

Could you please help if any solutions for it. Thank you

Added (2016-12-14, 3:23 AM)
I have an idea that fixed the ajax window the top center can resolve this problem but I dont know how to make it. Could you please help? Thank you.

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