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First of all, I have unfortunately no real knowledge of HTML css and so on. That is why I rely on the help of the Comunity.

1. I want to insert a narrow image. This is not a problem. But how do i make it use the image as a BACKGROUND for enen text or another image?
So as in the pokewiki above the bar where on the right left in a bar is an icon link to the next pokemon?

2. I would like to make a foldable table of contents, as it is also in Pokewiki. Does anyone know how I managed this?

3. Would anyone agree to write a suitable 404 page for the Minecraft Homepage design? What I would imagine would be a kind of mountain (from minecraft blocks) which is bred by a Creeper. The blocks fly through the area (of course, as a stand only) and in the black nothing in the middle then the error message (this should be customizable, since I am German smile )

Edit: Please excuse possibly bad English, since I myself hardly English can, I must use the google translator.
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