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uID Profiles (Ex uNet)
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Message # 1 | 1:22 PM
uID is a global profile system provided for users of uCoz services. Providing several great features users can create a single page professional looking profile to share with their friends, colleagues, and business partners.

uID profiles can be easily edited, managed, and both deleted and restored via the website.

Deleting Your uID Account

uID accounts can be deleted through the profile.

1. Open and Log In using your email and password combination:

2. Select Menu > Settings > Delete Profile as shown below.

Removing Your uID Account Means:
  • All information about you will be deleted,& the uID profile will become inaccessible.
  • You will not be able to log in with your uID account to websites with uID sign-in method.
  • Your e-mail will become available for a new registration.
  • Your websites will be detached from the account, but will not be deleted.

In case you change your mind we will store some information about you during 30 days so that you were able to restore your account with the minimum loss (via the registration form at the uID home page:

3. If you understand the consequences of deleting your uID account, type in Administrative Password and Answer To The Secret Question.

4. Click Delete Profile.

Restoring Your uID Account

In order to restore your account, you need to:
  • Go to Sign in page.
  • Press Restore the profile:

    Type in the e-mail address of the removed uID profile in the field "E-mail" and press Send button:

    In a new window select the profile for the restoration and specify its password there:

    Click Restore the profile button.
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Message # 46 | 4:22 PM
I forgot my uid security question.. what I can do?
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Message # 47 | 11:44 AM
Almis1794, contact the Support Team:
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Message # 48 | 9:23 AM
I had my local account created for me through the site control panel by our site administrator.
Later i created my global uID account (using same nickname, password, and email).
Is it possible now to associate/attach my global uID account with my local account on the site?
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Message # 49 | 5:25 PM
ell, I'm afraid, that's not possible.
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Message # 50 | 10:01 PM
How can I change my username?
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Message # 51 | 8:02 AM
mirandaangell97, the username on your website? This can be done in Control Panel > Users > List of users:

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Message # 52 | 9:33 AM
How do i change my uID password?
I found it, but why make it so hard? Why don't let users change their uID password simpler?
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Message # 53 | 2:17 PM
pukachi114, we are currently working on integration of with, so soon it will be possible to change passwords and other security data in your profile.
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