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E-Shop Examples
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Message # 1 | 2:13 PM
Hello everyone! A friend of mine was thinking of starting an Online Shop/Store. He asked me what Web Hosting would be best for this option and I told him that uCoz offers the best you can find on the internet. But, the only problem is he would love to see some Online Shop sites ran by uCoz but I couldn't find any. Can you help me? I need to get just 1-2 sites that are Online Shops running by uCoz.
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Message # 2 | 9:29 PM
If you are okay with sites in Russian, than you can find some e-shops here:
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Message # 3 | 12:03 PM
Superstar, the uCoz template store is built with the help of the E-shop module:
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Message # 4 | 6:24 AM
Superstar, here are a few examples in Romanian, if you want: Just select the Romanian Flag, click on the first 5-6 in the list (usually, among the most popular). Hope that helps!
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Message # 5 | 10:36 PM
Sunny, Totally forgot that it could have been built using the E-Shop module. Thanks a lot.

Raver, Thanks for your help, too.

Anyway, admins, you can close the thread if you want. I got help.
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