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How do I edit "My Site"?
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Message # 1 | 2:59 AM
There are two ways to edit the "My site" title on your website - an easy way and a more complex one. Let's start with the easy way:

1. Log in to your website as the administrator.

2. Find the Admin Bar (a menu bar at the top), click Builder -> Enable builder.

3. Click the "My Site" title and replace it with your custom text.

4. Now we need to save the changes. Go to Admin Bar -> Builder -> Save changes.

That's all!

The second way is more complex but it also provides more options: replacing of text with an image, changing text color etc.

1. Go to Control Panel -> Customize Design. As a rule the "My site" title is in the "Top part of the website" template.

2. Find "My site" in the template, it should be between the < logo > tags:

<!-- <logo> -->My site<!-- </logo> -->

When you've found the text, we can edit it as you like, e.g.

  • make it clickable

    <a href="">My site</a>

  • change the font size and/or color

    <font size="3" color="red">My site</font>

  • replace it with an image

    <img src="your_image_link" alt="my site" height="42" width="42" />

  • etc. See HTML and CSS tutorial for more info.

How to change "My Site"

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Message # 61 | 5:25 PM
CEEJAY, try:
1) Pressing CTRL+F5
2) To delete cookies
3) To stop AdBlock, if you have it.

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Message # 62 | 9:40 AM
CEEJAY, Also check if you are logged in with your account. only administrators that are logged in can use the builder , depending on the user permissions that are given.
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Message # 63 | 9:42 AM
Maybe dumb question, but where is css file? Or need I write styles in html page, you know like <span style="hr css"> ?
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Message # 64 | 11:12 AM
anders, open the following link chain Control Panel > Design Customisation > CSS smile

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Message # 65 | 7:16 PM
Hello. I'm trying to edit my site to add specific backgrounds to a table, but i'm unsure where to find the tables to add the transparent background too.

site is

I want to add a transparent background to the middle and left navigation bar; but unsure how to do it using ucoz without editting the "IDs" of each section alone, which I cant find anywhere in the CSS, or codingnt

PS: Didnt realize this is an old topic til after I posted. (SORRY!)
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