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Can't connect to a uCoz website
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Message # 1 | 3:23 PM
Please check uCoz Server Status' in the following thread before posting:

When posting messages here, make sure that the website is inaccessible for everyone and not just for you.

  • Provide the link to the inaccessible website.
  • Specify its server number if you know it.
  • Post the traceroute results (see the instructions here: ). If your website is inaccessible and you see Error 500 or 404 there is no need in providing the tracing results.
  • Indicate your IP address
  • If you can open the website in one browser, but can't do it in another, it means that there is a problem with browser settings or firewall.
  • If other users can access your website and you can't, most probably there are problems at your provider's end. See more here:

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Message # 1351 | 10:11 AM
kankukong, I've forwarded this thread to the team. If you don't receive a reply shortly please get in touch with them via
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Message # 1352 | 4:43 PM
Working now
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Message # 1353 | 4:58 PM
Hello! I am writing in connection with the problem of logging in my personal site where I get the following message,, Script error 500 Service is temporary unavailable. Try again in few minutes. ,,. The server name is my s600. Please tell me what the problem is and how it can be solved. sad

Thank you!
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Message # 1354 | 5:44 PM
connect failure with HostTracker:

Don't remember my server number - tried to login to control panel to see and it is also unreacheable.

also failure with the .ru tracker: see attached pic.

Added (2017-02-20, 5:44 PM)
add: i think it's s102 (going by memory which is not too good these days)

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Message # 1355 | 10:00 PM
hi there, my Website is down since a few Days... Any Reasons, can you check please...`?
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Message # 1356 | 5:42 AM
Lemmi, As far as i'm aware Server s6,s7,s16,s19,s22,s23,s27,s28,s32,s36,s52,s79,s83,s85,s89,s108,s204,s210 are giving errors w^hen i acces them on my website. thopse server might be down deu a DDOS attack. but i can't verify if this is the exact reason. you need to wait for uCoz staff members to verify if the ~servers are down. so please be patient.
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Message # 1357 | 11:01 PM
Ok, many thanks Animoprh! I'll wait...

Added (2017-04-09, 11:01 PM)
Still no good news on that issue...? sad

uCoz Community » General Information » First Steps with uCoz » Can't connect to a uCoz website (server is not available, site is down, site inaccessible)
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