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$LAST_NEWS$ as an inline-block
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Message # 1 | 6:35 PM

I have a big problem!
I want my site news to be inline! I made a small blocks and I want them to be in horizontal line so they would move in 2nd row when viewed in smaller screen size! I have responsive design.

I have
.news_container {
display: inline-block;
margin: 0 5px 5px 0;
width: 240px;

But it doesn't work!
I check source code and find out that there is another DIV added by uCoz

<div id="entryID2">

Maybe this is why it's not working?
Is there a style added to this ID?

I made a blocks with responsive design here
and I need to do the same with site news here

What do I do wrong? I cant get it inline!
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Message # 2 | 0:02 AM
<div id="entryID2">

This is really annoyed and seems it is impossible to remove.
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Message # 3 | 7:37 PM
Still waiting! wacko
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Message # 4 | 2:32 PM
jackass, apologies about the late reply - on the specific page you've provided, it appears you're missing a </div> tag between the first and second entry. I can't determine the specific location in the templates where this is missing but it's showing in firebug that the elements have collapsed into each other. I'd try adding a </div> tag to the end of your entry template as this is most likely where the syntax error is originating from. smile

As to actually getting them to sit next to each other, as Good has pointed out the entries display by default with the outer div tagged with the entry id as the id attribute. The following script should resolve your issue. smile


<div class="inline-elements">$LAST_NEWS$</div>


.inline-elements #allEntries > div {

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Message # 5 | 7:04 PM
Yes, yes!!! Thanks a lot Paradox!!!

There was one useless <div> instead of one missing </div> wacko

You helped me thanks again!

PS. In Page of the entry archive I used this code!

<div class="inline-elements">$BODY$</div>
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Message # 6 | 5:21 PM
jackass, it's our pleasure to help you. If you have any further questions, ask they here and we will try to answer them! smile
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