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Hello uCoz team, I've been using uCoz for 6 years but I notice why do uCoz developers not focusing on creating more powerful modules, plugins or extensions that we can buy. They can help us enhance our website.

Why does uCoz so slow, so slow on creating those features that can empower our websites? sad :( :(

And now there's uKit... how can you focus on the old uCoz platform if you're working harder on the new (uKit) platform? %)

To my fellow old uCoz users, I know some of you doesn't like the uKit platform. uKit platform is competing with other CMS out there which are more powerful than uKit. Yes, it can get some share in the CMS market but not really that big. Isn't it more worthy or valuable in terms of financial investment of uCoz company to focus on the old uCoz platform and develop it into a more powerful CMS by creating more powerful modules, extensions or plug-ins? Company financial gains would be bigger if they let old uCoz users happy. Because old uCoz users are happy, they will surely love to share uCoz platform to others. Old uCoz users will stick to uCoz because they love getting and using more powerful modules and features. They would love to buy those features because they know those can enhance and empower their websites.

On the other hand, yes, uKit platform can attract new uCoz users. But the question is, "Will uKit users remain in the long run?" I'm sure many of them will abandon their uKit websites after 1 year especially if uKit platform has no powerful features or modules that can enhance site users activities. If they find uKit boring, they will surely find another CMS, CMS which are more powerful than uKit. And there a lot of them.

If they left the old uCoz platform behind, then some old uCoz users would left uCoz. Why do you think uCoz is creating a new platform (uKit)? Is the old uCoz platform not that flexible enough to add another modules. Is there something wrong with old uCoz platform We want to hear from uCoz developers themselves.

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