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Problems with comments
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Message # 61 | 2:25 PM
carloscompu, do you want to edit the comment posting forms or the comments themselves?
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Message # 62 | 10:28 PM
I want to esdit the comment box and the reply box independently

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Message # 63 | 5:41 AM
carloscompu, That is possible with the means of custom coding. Forum staff cannot help you with custom coding.
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Message # 64 | 12:09 PM
im not asking to help me custumize the comment box im asking where to find the difrence inside css or any other place so that i can edit it

Added (2013-05-05, 6:09 AM)
I need to delete the reply from the reply box and only the the main comment will have the reply

Both reply comment and the reply to comment have the reply link .I only want the comment with the reply link

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Message # 65 | 7:00 AM
carloscompu, CP > Design Customisation > Comments > Appearance of entries. Then make use of conditional operators to achieve this. smile I believe the comment nesting level will help you out. ))
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Message # 66 | 11:27 AM
Im sorry what is this for for the reply or to edit the reply and comment independently like im asking.
Check the image on top of forum to see the comment image and have an idea

Added (2013-05-06, 5:27 AM)
Im sorry for bothering in this but can i have an idea about nesting level and how to aply it in the ucoz sysem

In not an expert in html I dont have an idea of wat it is

I even checked the other post under besting level but still dont understand

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