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Users statistics. Views and Hosts - difference
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Message # 1 | 3:24 PM
"Who's online" feature

shows the total amount of people online, as well as the number of Guests and Users among them.

To enable this type of statistics, go to Control panel->Page Editor->Common settings->check the box “Activate "Who's online" feature”. Indicate the number of users to be displayed on the website at the same time (the maximum number is 50). Click “Save” at the bottom.

For the websites where Builder is used:
Go to the site main page->Enable Builder->open Statistics block (if you wan to add this feature to the block with a Hit counter)->embed the code:
->click “Save”.
If you would like to add "Who's online" as a separate block, create a separate block with the help of Builder->put it where you need the container to be->embed the code:
->click “Save”.

For the websites where Design is used:
Go to the site main page->admin bar->Design->Site design customization->you may embed the code in the Statistics block by means of “Quick replacement” feature.
For example, “Find:” - $COUNTER$ and “Replace by:”

Another option is to create a new users statistics block.

Such default phrases as “Total online”, “Guests”, “Users” can be substituted via Substitution of default phrases ->"Who's online" statistics.

Statistics Informers:

Go to Control panel->Tools->Informers->Create informer.

There are several types of Informers-users counters within uCoz web-services:
Users. Various statistics, such as registration date, rank, reputation, number of games, number of comments, number of forum posts, number of blog/news/publisher entries, number of files, link, ads, photos can be displayed with this Informer.
Counters for users. Number of users by gender, group, days, zodiac can be displayed with this Informer. For example, you can create the statistics of administrators, moderators, users, girls number on the website with the help of this Informer.
Users who have visited the site for the current day. The list of all the users, who have visited the site for the current day is displayed with the help of this Informer.

The informers templates can be customized. It means that you can set the display of each Informer up to your taste, using the Informer codes.
After you have created the Informer and customized its template, use its code $MYINF_1$ (as an example) and embed it in the block either via Builder or Design options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use images instead of Online/Offline?
Via “Substitution of default phrases” option. You need to put address in tags. The address shouldn't be long:
<img src="/online.gif">       
<img src="/offline.gif">

where /online.gif is a path to the image with Online status;
where /offline.gif is a path to the image with Offline status.

There are three parameters in the display of the code $ONLINE_COUNTER$ (Total online, Guests and Users). I need to display only the “Total online” without group division. How to do it?
It can be done by means of third-party scripts.

How to make $ONLINE_COUNTER$ or $ONLINE_USERS_LIST$ codes work on the HTML page, which was uploaded to the server?
Codes do not work on static pages!

The codes $ONLINE_COUNTER$ and $ONLINE_USERS_LIST$ are embedded, but they are not displayed.
Control panel->Settings->Common settings->Activate "Who's online" feature. Enable this option to make these codes work.

The counter shows that there are 3 users online, but there are 2 of them in fact. Why is that so?
“Who's online” option works with a small delay. The delay depends on the server load. Besides, maybe there are hidden users.

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Message # 31 | 4:19 PM
Paradox, Sorry worded that wrong. Is there a way, instead of only displaying 'Guests' and 'Users', displaying, for example, 'Moderators'?
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Message # 32 | 1:29 AM
Stroud458, ahh okay. It isn't possible to do using standard system methods however it may be possible through the use of custom coding.
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