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uCoz Community » For Webmasters » Site Promotion » No one goes to my site (how to promote a website?)
No one goes to my site
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Message # 16 | 5:35 PM
JUST SHARE LINKZ WID SITES. google loves to see links sharing n gives high rank, it means other site link on ur site and ur site homepage link on other site.
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Message # 17 | 6:34 PM
Well the website is one step greater. We have been added to google and other search engines hopefully we can get some more members because we only have 5.
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Message # 18 | 10:11 PM
IMO....To Get People To Come to your Site U Have To Advertise It Yourself Somehow

Also There Has To be a Reason To Come There....What Do You have There That Will Give People A reason To Come back?

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Message # 19 | 12:36 PM
wacko hi, i am ashok and i want to add two to three subpages in a page, so please if you could help me...........

my site is www.loveofmylife.do.am

please if you can help me then help help help.....................i need it very much cry

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Message # 20 | 12:40 PM
ashu, post in the right section & in your own topic and be more specific of what you want.
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Message # 21 | 11:22 AM
Hey friends if your site contains any download able contents like songs, movies, and etc etc then submit you downloads here

You will definitaley get a good traffic on your website as ucoz is ban on Katz this is better than Katz here your websites download will be added on 80 - 90 websites so submit your downloads here and enjoy.

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Message # 22 | 10:58 PM
go to forumpromotion.net

they help promote forums, but they have a subforum where you can put a post in of your website.

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Message # 23 | 4:54 AM
One way that helped me is to make a youtube vid.
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Message # 24 | 11:10 PM
This was my first real visit to the board. I'm gonna try everyone's ideas. I've had all the same issues but haven't tried half of this. Thanks all! happy
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Message # 25 | 0:53 AM
Another way could be to tell mates who tell their mates who tell their mates smile Word of the mouth works wink
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Message # 26 | 3:10 PM
update your domain for free. using co.nr
then search for free website promotion on google
submit your site to google http://www.google.com/addurl
open 1ps.biz and register there for promotion of your site
you'll probably get most of views
i have got approx. thousand views in two weeks

visit my website (http://www.pcsx2heaven.co.nr)
now no problem in searching
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Message # 27 | 2:40 AM
jonnytrekkie, Make a YouTube video

Since youtube is indexed well and prioritized on google, it is likely that your video will show up on google search

try to add lots of relevant tags to the video
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Message # 28 | 8:42 AM
jonnytrekkie, You can also try this. It helps me alot.
Make a facebook page for your website. Post some of your half of an article entry and redirect them to your site to read the other half.(not suitable for Smarthphone user.)

My style is i joined many groups all active groups as possible promote your created page there (but do not use halfing the article instead use link shortener so that users will not be annoyed of your long links), after that share it in groups, then create a sign up tab in your facebook page. In my case it drives traffic to site as well as a traffic on my facebook page. You can also use this technique in other social sites.

One thing do not post advertisement such as Please visit here for more videos or any other similar to that. Why you will be ban if you use that method. Instead use this method; if you're posting a video then make a video corresponds to that group.
Example: I will introduce Deep web group they have 10k active users in 1 whole day (I've got 2k hits within 1 hour). What did I do? I downloaded an exposey (I dont know what is the spelling for that) about a 5 year old girl who has been pregnant (In my case I promoted an article) paste it in my website, I also paste it on my facebook page and after that I share it with the group together with shortened links of my article.
There are many technique out there: But for me I use social engineering for my SEO SMP technique. You can also try this in youtube, linkedin, tweeter etc.
Wish you luck in your SEO practice. You are free to ask here.

Best regards,

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uCoz Community » For Webmasters » Site Promotion » No one goes to my site (how to promote a website?)
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