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so now i'm just need to wait patiently for my site to show up on search engines right?

There is a 30-day quarantine for new websites in the system. As a rule it is not reasonable to submit a website to search engines till 30 days after its creation have passed. If you still want to unblock the robots.txt file for your website to be indexed sooner, you can pay for any of premium packages in the website Control Panel -> Top Bar -> $ -> Paid services.
Please see the screenshot:
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thanks for sharing biggrin
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Thanks for these. smile
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Thanks Pilot. I am using your search engine and web directories.....thansks a lot
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informative posts thanks all for sharing here
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My website is query about this, most my students are not finding it during their search in google search I am frequently asking them to filter their search by verbatim. But this may not be the solution, I wish my website appears in google search, how it can be done.
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Geerlapally, your website is indexed by Google:

If it is not displayed on the first page, it means there are other websites for the entered search keywords that are ranked higher by Google.

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i have develop many websites but never submit to search engine just google webmaster but i am getting traffic from many high ranked search engines like duck duck go being yahoo etc so you content matter search engine submission not worth nowdays.
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phinichawal, kindly don't post a spam content here. You cannot get any backlinks here.
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Thanks a lot to share these tips