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uCoz Community » General Information » uCoz Updates & Announcements » SEO Module Release (Update 2-2016)
SEO Module Release
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Message # 1 | 2:45 PM

No doubt, the SEO Module is one of the most desired and long-awaited updates, and we are happy to finally announce its release! The module's main goal is to help you optimize and promote your website.
It is possible to optimize a website manually, and our advanced users know how to do it, however, it's surely much easier if this process is automated and requires no more than ticking a checkbox or filling out a field. With the launch of the module, website owners can generate custom URLs, easily set up meta tags, and use 301 redirects within a website.


SEO Module in an uninstallable module that is activated automatically on all websites. It has two versions: Free and PRO. Premium users with the enabled Optimal, Shop or Maximal plans get the full PRO version (as long as the plan is active). Free users and users with the Minimal or Basic plans get the limited Free version.

The module has three sections: Premium settings, Redirects, and Yandex Services.

Premium Settings

The tools in this section will help you do the following:
  • Use custom meta tags Title, Description, Keywords for modules, categories, and posts (new variables are introduced for this purpose: $SEO_TITLE$, $SEO_DESCRIPTION$, $SEO_KEYWORDS$).

  • Set custom URLs for modules, categories, and posts — now you can not only choose URLs for posts, but also change the default module URLs: /blog, /news, and so on.

  • Edit the robots.txt file directly in the Control Panel.

  • Set priorities for pages with the rel="canonical" attribute — this will allow to remove duplicate content from search results.

The described features are quite resource-intensive, that's why they are only available in the PRO versions of the module.

Note: currently custom URLs, Title, Description, Keywords are only available in the content modules: Page Editor (index), Site News (news), Publisher (publ), File Catalog (load), Site Catalog (dir), Blog (blog), Online Games (stuff), Photo Albums (photo), Ad Board (board).


It often happens that the URL of a post changes, or a page is deleted completely. As a result you may need to set up a redirect that will help to transfer traffic from the old page to a new one, as well as merge the two URLs (which will preserve their search engine rankings).

That's where the Redirects section comes to the rescue as it will help you to set a 301 redirect from one page to another. The maximum number of redirects is unlimited in the PRO version, and 5 in the Free version.

Note: only internal redirects within your website are allowed.

The Yandex Services section is currently under development.
The SEO Module FAQ will be available soon at http://faq.ucoz.com

If you notice any bugs or errors, please report them here.

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Message # 31 | 12:02 PM
Quote Sunny ()
Quote IMB4 ()
uCoz pages can not be customized (URLS) and Google "penalizes" too.

at this problem, this is my opinion:
IMB4 , you are right
webmaster can not edit urls from "example.com/photo/bla_bla_23_1000"

matter changes from "_" to "-" is very important for SEO , for google

and After 6 years in uCoz
IN MODULE FORUM , webmaster can not edit urls ,
url of this module is not yet optimal , not friendly for google
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Message # 32 | 9:27 PM
Quote Sunny ()
We kept our prices unchanged for a long time, as long as it was possible. We have our expenses as a business, which also increase over time, that's why we had to reconsider our prices. Given the features uCoz provides, we believe current prices are reasonable.

Yes are reasonable but posibility to edit urls needed to be in all plans (only this... other things "is normal" that are only in other packages...).

Quote kankukong ()
IN MODULE FORUM , webmaster can not edit urls ,
url of this module is not yet optimal , not friendly for google

RIGHT... I think this is basic...

If uCoz want more traffic/visitors on uCoz pages need to enable "url edit"... its like "keywords or abstracts" from all pages... it's not ok when u publish news in facebook or twitter and all have same "keywords or abstract" cuz webmasters can't edit.
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Message # 33 | 5:09 PM
Old pages that were modified from the default site.ucoz.com/index/0-293 to site.ucoz.com/index/name_of_the_page/0-293, now are stuck that way unless you use the SEO module to rename them ???

At least back then this feature was free. Now from what i understand you need the SEO module in order to do that.

Without the SEO module can you edit the URL or reset to default the ones that were edited before (with a wrong name) ?

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Message # 34 | 2:10 PM
Urs, the old URL naming is still available both for free sites and sites with active SEO module, but inactive Custom URL option. For sites that have the mentioned feature enabled, after re-specifying a URL, the owner of the site can use the "Redirects" function of the SEO module to make the old URL work as well.
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Message # 35 | 10:17 PM
Do it for free.

Its "basic". Without this our webs = not well indexed (ranking).. THEN = not enought visitors = not earn money with advertising = can't pay "basic plans" from uCoz = I delete website...

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Message # 36 | 0:06 AM
IMB4, then undergo seo manually. I know there something you must do in order to achieved that goal. Some of the user's here use conditional operator before the seo module release just like Urs. I will use it too but as of now I couldn't further elaborate since I will figure first the conditional operators on how to deal it with my taste.
Quote IMB4 ()

In my opinion i will not leave uCoz just because of that. Though it could be easily used in other services like joomla cms but I still love to use uCoz for other reasons.

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Message # 37 | 11:32 AM
Sure, uCoz was good. But this restrictive method made webmasters sad. SEO is the most important factor to be well positioned on search engines. "Edit URLS" and modify it to be friendly with "Social Networks" should be free and easy for all.

This update = Perfect
This way = Lamentable

I hope uCoz take care on that comments.
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Message # 38 | 7:09 PM
Помогите мне пожалуйста, скажите мне, как включить интернет-магазин
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Message # 39 | 4:23 AM
kosta, apologies about the late reply - if you don't natively speak English, please visit http://forum.ucoz.ru where you can speak Russian and receive speedier support. smile

Если вы изначально не говорят по-английски, пожалуйста, посетите http://forum.ucoz.ru

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uCoz Community » General Information » uCoz Updates & Announcements » SEO Module Release (Update 2-2016)
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