Message # 17 | 3:40 PM
Hello my friends. My site is block. I check my emails and i delete the links that you are telling me to remove. Can you please unblock it? Pleasseeeeeee.

Added (2019-01-21, 3:46 PM)
My site is sorry i forget to write it before

Added (2019-01-22, 7:44 AM)
Goodmorning again my friends. I reseave one email from ucoz abuse team that it says that my site is block beacuse for lack of comments in the sent letter. What does this mean. I sent from my site the message about website is block and then i reseave the email that i write before. Can you help me please. I can't sent again this message from my site. I have delete all the links that was incloded in the first email that it was saying about blocking. What else i can do in order to unblock my site? I look forward for your reply.