Site not found and other troubles
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1. If a website can be loaded at least from one computer, then the problem is not with the uCoz system.
What is to be done? - Direct attention to your ISP.

2. If a group of websites does not load, the administration is aware and is fixing it.
What is to be done? - Wait.

3. If all but you can enter the website, then your IP is temporarily blocked because it belongs to the same network segment as the hacker's, who is attacking the server. After the attack is over the blocking will be disabled. Duration of the attack is known to the hacker only.

4. If you have just attached a domain you should wait 24 hours on the average.

5. If your website opens in one browser but doesn't open in another, then the problem is in the browser or firewall settings.

We do not inform users about unscheduled maintenance (emergency) works. In this case accept our apologies for temporarily inconvenience.

"Requested site is not registered at uCoz Web Service SITE NOT FOUND"

It means that the website with such address has never been registered at uCoz. So you have made a mistake when typing the address.


The website "website_address" is disabled due to inactivity and will be deleted in several days. Restoration instructions have been sent to the registration e-mail of the website owner.

The website is disabled, because it was considered inactive. It means that no one visited the website for 40 days. An automatic notification was sent to the e-mail address of the website owner. Follow the restoration instructions there and activate your website. It needs to be done not later than 15 days after the website was disabled.

If the e-mail address of the website owner isn't confirmed, the automatic notification is not sent. If you use Yahoo as your e-mail provider, there are poor chances of receiving restoration instructions.

What should I do if I haven't received a message with the restoration link?

The message could be regarded as spam, and as a result could get into Spam/Junk folder of the e-mail service you use or could be deleted.
Please check the contents of the Spam folder, and if the message is not there contact the support service of your e-mail provider. You are the one who is their customer and you can influence the quality of their work and the correctness of mail delivery.
If you can't find this message – contact uCoz Technical Support. If you have other websites, you may contact Technical Support service via Control Panel of your active website.

What kind of message to uCoz Technical Support service should I write, if I want my website to be restored?

Do not forget to provide your website address.

The requested site "site_address" is not registered at uCoz Web Service

It means that the website has been deleted and the restoration link is not active any more.

«Account is blocked»

The owner of the website who wants to recover the account should remove the reasons why the website was blocked (They are always specified in the message about blocking). And then inform the uCoz Abuse Service about it. Use this form here:

What kind of message to uCoz Abuse Service should I write, in case my website is blocked?

Be sure to provide the address of your website. Specify the approximate date of blocking. Be as specific as possible, when asking questions or requesting something.

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lethiphuong1602, by not creating a website.
hey i'm joe and i do not work for the company anymore, please contact other staff or tech support
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Message # 677 | 12:06 PM
Hi there, the server I have on my site is not working! Do you know what the reason is?
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Message # 678 | 5:00 AM
torkinabela, the server was temporarily unavailable yesterday, but the issue was fixed. If you still have difficulties accessing your site, please make sure you provide us with its url
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Message # 679 | 4:38 PM
Thank you really solved the server test
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Message # 680 | 2:11 AM
Server s72 has been having downtime issues since like 3 days ago, returning 500 server response.
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Message # 681 | 4:35 PM
MetalMassacre, please provide us with the url of the site where you encounter issues. Note that, for a faster reply, you should contact directly the support team through your Control Panel.
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Message # 682 | 11:50 AM
are you facing trouble getting a website to load? here are some tips and tricks to help to figure out how you can reduce this problem.
Problems with certain websites:-
01. interrupted connection
02. connection has timed out
03. connection was reset

01. Clear Recent History
02. Clear Cookies and Cache
03. Connect Internet through a proxy

I hope this will help you to solve your problem. smile smile
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Message # 683 | 6:48 PM
how to recover site after a ddos attack, I bought a domain on,, and I turned on DNSSEC protection, tell me what else is needed ...
my website is
any help is welcome, and thanks in advance cry
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Message # 684 | 10:26 AM
Mediamaster, The answer was provided to you as part of your support request.