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Sample informers
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Message # 16 | 4:24 AM
Quote (Armaros)
uCoz already answered you on this question. No need to re-ask.

I'd like to know why my question hasn't been answered yet.
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Message # 17 | 9:01 AM
some of the informers require some module activation.

@1590: ill try to make example if i have enough time... and if ever ill found it out

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Message # 18 | 7:05 AM
how to create an informer for last registered user?
i wanna put that at my statistic..
teach me how plzzz..

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Message # 19 | 2:10 PM
Create an informer.

Select Users for Section.

Sorting Mode:Registration Date D

Number of entries:1

Press Create and you're ok.

Get the code of the Informer which might be something like $MYINF_1$ and then place it in your editor where you want.

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Message # 20 | 5:34 AM

how can i create something like "Last registered user: NAME [ DATE, TIME ]"?
cuz i tried they u teach me above, but its only appear the NAME..how can i include DATE and TIME registered?

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Message # 21 | 8:40 AM
zisdixie, edit Informer template and put [$REG_DATE$, $REG_TIME$] after $USERNAME$
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Message # 22 | 3:51 AM
can anyone explain briefly how to make informer that posts in file catalog will show in main page thanks
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Message # 23 | 6:48 AM
CP > Informers > Create informer
Section: File Catalog
Sorting mode: Entry addition date D (will show the newest entries made) or any other sorting mode you'd prefer.
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Message # 24 | 12:24 PM
thanks a lot
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Message # 25 | 4:37 PM
IS there a way to inform usrs of all entries of all the module instread of individrual module
I cants find it in the informer

The entry informer only tells me the entry of a particular module I want to show all modules in one informer
If it cant be done with the informer is there another posible way?
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Message # 26 | 7:57 AM
carloscompu, unfortunately it can't be done with one informer. You could use multiple with 1 output of each module however apart from that I don't know of a method unless you took the first post of every module page however that would aquire a considerable amount of custom coding.

Good luck. wink

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