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Hi. Now there is a similar error. Can't get IP address for A Record. I explain below:

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You can attach any domain name (e.g. etc.) to your website.
Method 1. Buy a domain name at
Keywords: buy domain

After you have paid for the domain, attach it by Method 2, described below.

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Method 2. Transfer an existing domain to $stp{'brand'} DNS servers
Keywords: change NS records, park domain, domain hosting, change name servers, change DNS servers

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Method 3. Attach an existing domain name without transferring the domain to $stp{'brand'} servers
Keywords: subdomain attachment, attachment by specifying IP address, creation of A-records

Specify the IP address "$stp{'serverip'}" (A-record) for the domain name in the domain control panel.
Wait until the changes take effect (usually up to 6 hours).
In 6 hours finish the attachment procedure:
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