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Implement Access Control for Non uCoz Generated Pages
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Message # 1 | 11:27 AM
Hello, uCoz.
Is there any way to implement via the uCoz API a user access control system for pages that are not generated by uCoz's Page Editor module?
I'm planning to implement a interactive page contained in one HTML file, and the system used in it has JS support.
I would like that only registered users had access to it.
Thank you in advance.
PS: If not in the right place, please move it and PM me.

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Message # 2 | 5:41 PM
Everyone here left :p. Even uCoz left! Maybe you contact them direct on their page but they usually have an auto response asking for your site URL. Make sure you include it in your first message.
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Message # 3 | 4:16 PM
Quote Soldierdevil ()

Guess they got tired of people complaining. I don't have anywhere else to move to if uCoz goes down for good.

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Message # 4 | 2:54 PM
Soldierdevil, maybe ... or maybe not. Actually there is no automatic reply with the url, but most forget to include it in the description of the problem and it's needed to be able to check, but great remark, thanks.
Yukito, the answer is: wrap your script that will perform the work of that page in the condition:
<?if($USER_LOGGED_IN$)?>script here<?endif?>

This condition works only for registered users, as a result the script will be executed only for registered users.
Do note that, for the condition to work, it must be written inside the template in the site's control panel. Conditions do not work in static files like index.html.

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