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Limiting Access To Site Pages.
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Access limitation

You can easily limit access to some parts of your website within uCoz web-services. To do so go to the page you want to limit access to. Login to the website as administrator with your login and password. You will be able to see a set of buttons in the right lower corner:

Click the one that is indicate in the image. Editing page will open. Find option: Groups that have access to this page. Check the boxes of the groups you want to have access to the page.

Do not forget to click Save afterwards.

You have limited access to the page. Users from the groups that are prohibited to have access to the page will be automatically redirected to “Access denied” page. You may customize its appearance and change the text of the message in Design management (templates) option of the Control panel.

How to set a password for a certain page?

Edit the code of this page. Add:
<script language="JavaScript">          
if (top.location.search=="") {          
pass = prompt('Enter password');          
if (pass=='1') // Your password          
{ alert('Password accepted') } else { alert('Password not accepted!'), top.location.href="errorpas.htm" }// URL of the page where user will be redirected in case of error

How to prevent users from viewing a page?

You might use conditional operators. Edit the code of Site pages template. Find $CONTENT$ there and substitute it with:
<?if($USER_LOGGED_IN$)?>$CONTENT$<?else?>Text for guests. It can and should be edited. They can not see page content. <?endif?>

See more about conditional operators here: http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/37-471-1#36483

How to limit access to the page in accordance with users' age?

You need to add feature of converting date of birth into age between tags:

You may call for this feature with the code:
<script type="text/javascript">document.write(age('$USER_BIRTHDAY$'));</script>

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Message # 46 | 3:24 PM

This will hide links from guests. Automatically it is possible but only via coding.
Also check : http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/37-471-3

Search next time! there is lot's of answers to your question ex: http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/6-11177-1

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jan @ thanks for ur help but stile i have little problem , for guest "Available for users only" message coming on the place of link but i wanna message that is
<center> please register to see links
[ login ] [ Register ]</center>
like this so how to edit it pls help

sunny @ i m not post it twice but in there post i saw jan is online n that threat also same thats y i ask him at there to make it easy and get answer fast but when he didnt replay then i post new post i hope u understand
thanks for my help

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aareez, You can't change Available for users only" message.
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Message # 49 | 3:24 PM
Does there are some way that i can make my website with invitations?Register can only those people for who are sent invitation.Can i do that?If i can then please tell me how.
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Message # 50 | 3:24 PM
Ashuks, there is no such feature. But you can do the following: disable all permissions for the Users group and move people whom you trust to Checked or any other group manually.
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Message # 51 | 3:25 PM
I need that invitations system because i don't want there peoples who can read the info in the page just registring. There are some kind of scripts or something like that?
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Message # 52 | 3:25 PM
Ashuks, there is no such feature as invitations. But if you do what I wrote you will have the same effect: users won't be able to read anything till you promote them manually to another group that have permissions to view pages, post etc.
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Message # 53 | 2:43 AM
lets say i need to make a website and if u registrat u have to be 13 or older can i set those limits ?
everything u guys are saying is a bit confusing surry
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Message # 54 | 1:36 PM
Hyena, by standard means it won't be possible. Might be possible via custom scripts.
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