uCoz System management and tuning

First Steps With uCoz
  1. uCoz ad banner (How to remove it) Important or pinned thread.
  2. How to login to your uCoz website and its Control Panel ?Important or pinned thread.
  3. How to create a website if you have a uNet account?Important or pinned thread.
  4. How do i edit my site ?Important or pinned thread.
  5. uCoz copyright (MyCorp)Important or pinned thread.
  6. How to create a website with uCoz.com?Important or pinned thread.

Design Customization
  1. Element size · background change · inserting tables · links · scrolling
  2. Resolution · flash clock · insert flash · page transitions · user legends
  1. Help on Templates Builder.Important or pinned thread.
  2. Creating intro page by using HTML file.Important or pinned thread.
  3. Hints and Tips on design.Important or pinned thread.
  4. Instruction for those who want to change design. Important or pinned thread.
  5. Using The Builder feature.Important or pinned thread.
  6. Global Block Instruction and Questions.Important or pinned thread.
  7. Import of Remote Code For Users who know our system and HTML.Important or pinned thread.
  1. Designs:

Coding Archive
  1. FAQ - Customize Design.Important or pinned thread.
  2. HTML - Colour Codes.Important or pinned thread.
  3. Tutorial - How to install a custom template.
  4. Tutorial - How to manage and modify text.
  5. Tutorial - Display image using BBC and HTML codes.
  6. Tutorial - Creating blue pop-up window.
  7. Tutorial - Forum Icon Change.

General Questions
  1. How to change an image next to url - Favicon?Important or pinned thread.
  2. How to remove entry title from site url?
  3. How to remove ad banner "create website"?
  4. How to attach domain, sub-domain and create an e-mail?
  5. How to connect and upload files via FTP?
  6. What's import RSS and how to use it?
  7. Can't access website - United Kingdom (UK)
  8. Why my website's site search isn't working?Important or pinned thread.
  9. Why BBC panel appears different for each group?
  10. What's Site Map and how to use it?
  11. What are Awards and how to use them?
  12. How to disable or enable website Tips?
  13. What are Widgets and how to use them?
  14. What are Gadgets and how to use them?
  15. What is Friendly URL and how to use it?
  16. How to manage Visual or WYSIWYG editor?
  17. How to add a video to my website?
  18. What is Graffiti and how to use it?

Account Management
  1. FAQ of Account Management includes:

    • ... secret question
    • ... register or delete a website
    • ... SITE NOT FOUND
    • ... protect site from hacking
    • ... can't login in CP
    • ... uNet and Webtop login
    • ... uNet
    • ... disk space
    • ... create a backup
    • ... Control Panel session
    • ... IP is temporarily blocked
    • ... lost password
    • ... close your website
    • ... your website is copied
    • ... mate website more secure
    • ... how to change language
    • ... creating multi-language
    • ... pay for service
    • ... change website address url
    • ... how many websites possible
    • ... server switch/change
    • ... sell your website
    • ... website's inactivity if paid service
    • ... make money with website
    • ... removing www in front of url

  2. How to delete your website?Important or pinned thread.

Site Users
  1. FAQ - Frequently Asked QuestionsImportant or pinned thread.
  2. How to change user's Ranks and Titles?Important or pinned thread.
  3. How to change group, group colours?Important or pinned thread.
  4. Avatars - Questions and Answers.Important or pinned thread.
  5. Usage of Reputation and Reproofs.Important or pinned thread.
  6. How to assign Moderator or Administrator?Important or pinned thread.
  7. Private Message (PM) - FAQ and answers.Important or pinned thread.
  8. What's Mass mail dispatch and how to use it?Important or pinned thread.
  9. Explanation of options in Module Settings.Important or pinned thread.
  10. Problems with registration e-mail?
  11. How to customize the registration form?
  12. How to disable security core during registration?
  13. Auto-transfer - automatic change of user group.
  14. Why users can't edit their profile?
  15. Who's online? Who has visit website?
  16. What should I do with spammers?
  17. Managing site members - adding, deleting, searching.
  18. Questions related to Users Registration in website.

Page Editor
  1. How to create dynamic pages?Important or pinned thread.
  2. Site Menu - how to create and manage it.Important or pinned thread.
  3. How to disable mouse's right click?
  4. Can't view pages in Site Menu...
  5. Discussion about Page switchers...

  1. Moderator options.Important or pinned thread.
  2. Forum FAQ / Questions and Answers.Important or pinned thread.
  3. How to ban someone from your forum .Important or pinned thread.
  4. How to use, add and change Smiley's.Important or pinned thread.
  5. How to change your forum design.Important or pinned thread.
  6. How to manage and use your forum.Important or pinned thread.
  7. Translation of forum body.
  8. Plate for Statistics Forum ,Recent posts,Top users...
  9. Forum design and appearance (forum CSS, colors etc.)

File Catalog, Site Catalog, Publisher, Ad Board, Online Games
  1. Online Games Module.Important or pinned thread.
  2. Help with Catalog.Important or pinned thread.
  3. Filters creation and use...Important or pinned thread.
  4. Catalogs Settings.Important or pinned thread.
  5. Category management.

Photo Album
  1. Help on Photo AlbumsImportant or pinned thread.
  2. Photo Album SettingsImportant or pinned thread.

Site News & Blogs
  1. Help on Site NewsImportant or pinned thread.
  2. Blog settingsImportant or pinned thread.
  3. Appearance of news and blog entries
  4. Addition and management of entries

E-mail Forms
  1. Creation of E-mail Forms.Important or pinned thread.
  2. Help on E-mail Forms module.Important or pinned thread.
  3. If Contact Us doesn't work.
  4. Fields of email forms.

  1. Guestbook settings.Important or pinned thread.

  1. Statistics and how to use them.Important or pinned thread.

Tag Board
  1. Help on Chat Box (Tag Board)Important or pinned thread.
  2. Customization of Tag Board appearance

Test Module
  1. Help on TestsImportant or pinned thread.

Web Polls
  1. if you can't vote.

Additional Features
  1. FAQ of Additional Features Board.Important or pinned thread.
  2. Visual or WYSIWYG Editor. Important or pinned thread.
  3. Domain transfer and email creation.
  4. how can I put a video in my website?
  5. Windows Live E-mail Hosting.
  6. help on informers, and some interesting solutions.
  7. Conditional Operators how to...
  8. Banner Rotator creation and settings.
  9. How to add music .mp3, playlist so on...
  10. RSS import and other RSS questions...
  11. uploading of files via FTP.
  12. Sample of informers...
  13. Widgets where to find and use it..
  14. SiteMap and how to use it.
  15. Domain attachment aftereffects.
  16. Everything about award feature.
  17. How to change or put a custom cursor.
  18. Search Engine Friendly URLs.
  19. Add Banner.
  20. Graffiti or graphic editor.
  21. How to insert a custom Cursor?

  1. Bugs and Errors..Important or pinned thread.
  2. E-shop Payment methods. Important or pinned thread.
  3. E-Shop FAQ. Important or pinned thread.

  1. Poll Rules.Important or pinned thread.
  2. [POLL] What do you think of the support provided by the uCoz support forum?Important or pinned thread.
  3. [POLL] How did you hear about uCoz? Important or pinned thread.

Suggestions to Improve uCoz
  1. If you have noticed mistakes...Important or pinned thread.
  2. Bug reports. Important or pinned thread.
  3. Suggestion Rules Read before postin a suggestion! Important or pinned thread.

Site Promotion
  1. Robots.txt website indexing..Important or pinned thread.
  2. Promoting your uCoz website with social bookmarking. Important or pinned thread.
  3. Submit your website (search engines and web directories)...Important or pinned thread.
  4. Advanced website promotion tips.Important or pinned thread.
  5. Questions and advices on how to promote a site.Important or pinned thread.
  6. Google Adsense.

Hints and Tips for uCoz
  1. uCoz AJAX Window Generator.Important or pinned thread.
  2. Learn how to use META Tags. Important or pinned thread.
  3. How to speed up your uCoz website...Important or pinned thread.
  4. Using the u.to URL shortner on your uCoz website.Important or pinned thread.
  5. Read before Posting!Important or pinned thread.
  6. Read More Hints and Tips for uCoz...

Graphic requests and submissions
  1. Designing Services.Important or pinned thread.
  2. Useful links for banner creation. Important or pinned thread.
  3. Request form! (must read)...Important or pinned thread.

Other Languages
  1. uCoz Support forums.Important or pinned thread.
  2. One Thread per Language. Important or pinned thread.
  3. Latvian uCoz Discussion.
  4. Romanian uCoz Discussion.
  5. Belgium uCoz Discussion.
  6. Português uCoz Discussion.
  7. More uCoz Discussion...

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