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General Discussion
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Feel free to discuss any general non-related topics in this thread. From time to time a topic may be set to generate discussion but otherwise please feel free to communicate with our forum community! smile

  • Please aim to keep the discussion intellectual
  • Minimal usage of small images is permitted
  • Do not use this thread as a noticeboard
  • Staff reserve the right to end discussion on topics

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Quote Paradox ()
What you'll find is a bot or series of bots are using your website as a referral bouncer.

Server s105 - is having big technical problems
Example : is inaccessible.

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Paradox, bigblog, Sunny, thank you very much.
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Any LEGO fans over here? Can you please give support to the LEGO Ideas project of my friend (who also works on the Hungarian uCoz)? We really need to reach 10k supporters smile Check out the playset and hit the "Support" button! Many thanks!

Link to the project:

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what's up?
uCoz Community » Communication » General Talk » General Discussion (Current Topic: General)
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