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My Sites App for Android
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Message # 1 | 11:38 AM

Today we would like to present the first, beta version of our Android app "My Sites".

Download the app from Google Play

A bit of ideology

The Internet gets more and more mobile, and as a result we strive to make our websites as convenient for mobile users as possible. All new design templates are responsive and well suited to mobile devices.

Besides, there is an undeniable trend to have not only a website, but a mobile app as well. But let's face it: How many apps is it comfortable for you to have on a mobile phone or a tablet? How often do you use the apps located further than the second homescreen? Do you really need a separate app for each website that you visit from time to time?

Certainly, it may be quite comfortable for a large news portal to have its own app for the users who read the news every day. Or for a restaurant chain that has dozens of restaurants in your city. In most other cases a separate app is too much. And even if a site or a company has its own app, it will be hardly used by anyone except the creator and a couple of others. While its development will cost efforts, time, and money.

Yet we may have the need to follow news and certain information from a number of websites. For this reason we decided to develop an app that allows to add websites, choose the sections you are interested in, and get information promptly and in a convenient format. Besides, for uCoz websites it is possible to comfortably work with private messages.

So, website owners get the possibility to offer the app to their users: to follow the news on a mobile device, i.e. to subscribe to their websites. It will definitely have a positive effect on audience's returns and loyalty, and the visitors won't need to install a new app for each small or medium website. When a user installs the app following the link on your website, your website will be added to the My Sites list automatically, and the user won't need to do any other actions to subscribe.

Answers to the most expected questions:

— When will an iOS version be available?
— It is being developed and the delay between the Android app and the iOS app is approximately 1.5 months.

— Will you develop an app to manage and moderate a website?
— Yes, we will, but unfortunately you shouldn't expect it earlier than in six months. But you should expect a new, more responsive Control Panel that will be much more comfortable to work with on mobile devices, primarily on tablets.

— I have some suggestions on the app and bugs to report. Where can I send them?
— Post them below, and we will fix and consider all of them.

More about the app:

At the moment the app certainly supports uCoz, as well as Joomla, Wordpress, DLE, and many other websites with RSS feeds.

It's easy to add a website to the app: enter a URL, and if the website is supported by the app, you will be able to choose the sections and news categories you are interested in:

You can set the refresh frequency, how content is loaded, and how long it is stored.

The list of your websites can be rearranged as you wish (sites can be removed as easily they are added), and the posts you like can be added to Favourites where they can be accessed at any time.

uCoz users will also appreciate the possibility to subscribe to private messages sent to them on the added websites, and to receive them in the app directly. If you have a lot of websites where it is important to be constantly in touch, you will find this feature very useful.

We hope to extend the functionality in future and to make it more handy. Even in the process of development the app has changed relative to the initial plans. Now we are working on the following features: the possibility to conveniently read uCoz forums, and to swiftly receive new entries and user comments. We have also a lot of ideas that will make the app more intuitive and simple.

Android users can download the app at

Your reviews are very important to us. Please leave your comments and suggestions on the app in Google Play Market, and we will try to implement the most useful and interesting of them.
And please do not judge us strictly for possible errors. This is a beta version and we do not promote it yet, we present it only to our most devoted users. smile

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Message # 16 | 2:55 PM
Good news! The app is now also available for Windows Phone users:
The iOS version is also coming soon.

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Message # 17 | 8:23 AM
Very nice biggrin
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