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How to connect a domain by Method 3
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General Information

It is possible to attach a custom domain to your uCoz website, e.g., etc., for FREE.

  • uCoz gives the possibility of full domain management (creation of subdomains, e-mail accounts etc. if a domain is attached by Method 2);
  • you will be able to create domain-based e-mails (e.g. );
  • you can buy a custom domain at uCoz Domains or any other domain registrar;
  • you'll be able to register your website in directories which prohibit registration of free websites;
  • you'll be able to enter banner exchange networks (or advertising companies) where only paid domains are allowed;
  • with a custom domain users will never lose your website, even if you change the hosting service, the website URL will remain the same;
  • with a custom domain search engines will give you a higher place in search results.

What's the difference between Method 2 and Method 3?

When you use Method 2, your new domain is hosted at uCoz servers. If you use Method 3 - you just change the domain name (to be more precise you just get one more name for your site because it will be accessible by both names - the new one and the old one) but your domain remains hosted at another registrar's servers. So the difference is in the place where your new domain is hosted - either at uCoz or not.

How to Attach a Domain by Method 3

1. After you have purchased a domain name at or from any other domain registrar, you will need to specify the IP address of the uCoz server where your website is hosted in the domain control panel (create A-record). You can find the necessary IP address in Control Panel -> Top bar -> General:

2. Go to the website Control Panel -> Domain attachment. Find Method 3 and click Continue.

3. Type in the domain name and click Attach domain.

4. After the domain has been attached, you will see the message:

5. In 15 minutes your website will be accessible by the new domain name. The uCoz website name will be available too.

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Message # 16 | 7:25 AM

I have changed the A Host, web page shows as it is in attachment, bet when try to finish attachment procedure, error message shows up.
Could You comment - what is the problem?

Attachments: 9076532.png(87Kb) · 6305813.png(19Kb) · 4459744.png(40Kb)
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mrmartinsons, you have only set the A record for the address with the WWW prefix. Add an additional record without the WWW prefix.
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Message # 18 | 11:03 AM
Please help, i have attached the domain name "" to my site since yesterday but i keep getting a message asking me to wait for 15 minutes or attach a domain name. how do i fix it
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Message # 19 | 7:17 AM
chukwunemejohnpaul, just wait or you incorrectly configure your nameserver.
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Message # 20 | 8:53 PM
chukwunemejohnpaul, please provide a screenshot showing the name server/DNS configuration from your domain provider's end.
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