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I use Google chrome browser i see a huge boxes not in its place how can i edit them. I have no knowledge in jquery really need help.
but when i use the mozilla IE-8 its ok its just a box with a bevel text underlooping its content.

My problem is in the google chrome how it can i make it professionaly look upwards because of that box my website become messy and not in place.

another is when i want to place this type of publisher skins i dont know its name i have the code but i think its not compatible with the script i use.
Here is the link of the website i want to use as a publisher module its an excali template they use.(i have the template but when i upload all its data to the server i got messy performances regarding my sign in botton so uCoz mentors, webmasters and webdevelopers here, i ask support to all of you regarding this issue. Please if you cannot help give me a link that i can study it mannually i have so many questions but my teacher also do not know the answer. so i beg to help me to fix this.)
I have so many questions but i will ask it later on.
Waiting for your help. ASAP...

best regards,
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