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I want materials to be sorted by views in one category and alphabetically in another. Is it possible?

Each sorting has its URL. First of all disable Ajax in Common settings, then go to the category and click on sorting link and you’ll get the necessary link in the address bar. You will have to make menu manually, i.e. do not use $CATEGORIES$ code, but make it with your hands and put the necessary sorting modes into necessary categories. However in this case you won’t be able to display number of entries in categories.

I enable the capability of entries’ sorting in Publisher settings. But when I go to the Publisher page there is no sorting capability. What is the problem?

Perhaps you go to a section? Materials may be sorted in a category only.

In user sorting there is a possibility to select sequence number of an article in the list, but only from 1 to 30. And if I need to place at the end 31st, 32d... 40th article, what should I do?

Remember that TWO always precedes THREE, and you may put as many TWOS as you need, e.g. 2, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 6, 6, 7.


When using RSS import, only headlines and shot descriptions of the articles are copied to the site and not the articles themselves. Is it possible to import a whole article, i.e. automate the process of article creating using somebody else’s materials?

You can display any page of any site by means of remote code import. But you can’t automate the process of filling the site with content by means of automatic adding of articles from other sites, both for technical and ethical reasons.


How can I make a list of most downloaded files?

There are links to entry TOPs in Template Customization - $TOP_NEW_URL$ etc. Use them.

My catalog contains 107 files, and the list of most downloaded or commented files – only 50. Why is it so?

Because it is TOP, it is limited by module settings.


Is it possible to check size of a screenshot uploaded together with a file? If the former is larger than, for example, 400х400, then the system either will not allow to upload it or will reduce its size.

The limitation is set by "weight". If it is not enough, try to limit linear dimensions by a script.

How to put a screenshot and not a link opposite the file being uploaded?

Change a link to an image in template settings.


Is it possible to have a film in two catalogs at the same time, e.g. in "genres" and in "alphabetical" category?



Is it possible to create one more publisher (articles catalog)?

Yes. In site menu specify links not to the catalog but to definite sections. In this case a section in the catalog will be another catalog. Besides you can remake Link Catalog, of File Catalog or Ad Board into what you need. Module names are relative so you can make what you want.


Is it possible to increase permitted number of characters in short description of an article?

You may create html-page, fill it with necessary information, add it to File Manager and display it in short description by means of iframe tag:

In such a way you can display more information in short description.


How to remove the inscription "Added by:"?

Edit message template. But enable this option in module settings beforehand.


After a user has added an entry, there appears a window "link is not active". The administrator enabled the feature to add an entry after it has been checked by a moderator. But the moderator cannot activate it. Help, please.

If a moderator cannot activate links (having the same rights with the administrator) then he is not allowed to do this. Assign another administrator.

An article added by a user gets to the site after premoderation in Control Panel. Is it possible to moderate articles directly on the site?

No CMS, even paid, gives the possibility to manage data directly from the site. They all have a strict borderline – a site is for users, control panel – for the admin. We give the opportunity to edit from the site data of the modules, being updated often.


I noticed that entries are searched by name only, not by description. Can I fix it?

Yes, you can if you will have more than 1000 entries in the catalog, than entries will be searched by short description.


How to work with filters? It is not clear how to fill in and use them.

Fill in a filter with the words by which you need to select material and put the code of filter field into a template. Then choose a value on the page and sort entries. I.e. filter serves as additional hierarchy level. There are hints in the Control Panel.


I want to have rating not by five-grade scale but by 100 percent, i.e. from 1% to 100%. Is it possible?

There are only five grades and there will hardly be more.

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