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Photo Album RSS - Image Size
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Message # 1 | 10:01 AM
The image output on the RSS feed by the Photo module is too small.
Is it possible to control the size of the image that goes out on the RSS feed?

Thank you!

Added (2015-05-08, 10:01 AM)

Can anybody kindly help with this question?

Thank you

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Message # 2 | 3:08 PM
LIBertea, I'm not sure it is possible but RSS is probably taking the demo image, try to change its size.
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Message # 3 | 11:14 PM
Thanks Sunny
I tried changing the demo image size, but it always reverts to 200x150.

Please advice

Thank you

Added (2015-05-11, 11:14 PM)
I really need your help on this.
It does not make sense that pictures would appear normally on the RSS feed of the Publisher module,
but they would be shrunk on the rss feed of the Photo module, the very module whose purpose
is to showcase the pictures.
Having a max width of 300 for the demo image (the one that is pulled by the RSS feed)
makes the image useless on the RSS feed.

I urge you to considere allowing sizes up to 550-600 px as demo images.
The current constraints of 300x150 or 150x300 are too small for any viable RSS use.
sizes of 550x350 or 350x550 would be fine.

Thank you for you help, kindly let me know if there is a fix or if you will make this change for us users.
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Message # 4 | 2:18 PM
LIBertea, after confirming with our technical department, unfortunately it's not possible to adjust the image display size within RSS feeds. It has been forwarded as a suggestion, although, I can't comment onto the viability of it's implementation in the short-term.
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Message # 5 | 11:18 PM
thank you for your help.
I hope the suggestion is accepted.
At this point the quickest thing would be to increase size of the demo image to a maximum of 550 or 600 px in width or height.

Thanks again!
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