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Photo Entry Date and RSS feed
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Message # 1 | 1:11 AM
I changed the entry date of a photo, that I added few days back, to today.
Why does that photo not show up in the RSS feed?

In the Album the photo is now the first one (most recent date),
but it does not appear in the RSS feed.

Kindly help


Added (2015-05-22, 1:11 AM)
Hello again.
I could really use your help on this matter.

If I edit an older image and change its date of entry to today, the image shows up correctly on the first page of the Album,
but it does not show in the RSS feed.
1) Why does the RSS feed not follow the date of entry?
2) Is it possible to fix this so that the RSS feed follows the chronological order of the Album?

Thank you again

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Message # 2 | 2:56 PM
LIBertea, from what I understand of RSS as you're not technically re-publishing the content the RSS data read by the feed isn't going to follow the adjusted chronological order. Irrespective of whether you've forward or back dated the entry.

I'll break it down a little bit further so to aid understanding. Essentially in RSS there are two primary date/time fields: one is the date the content is published, the other is the date it was last modified.

For example, if I published an article on the 22/05/2015. That's the publication date which is pushed to RSS file, even if on the uCoz end we back date or forward date the entry, for example to the 24/05/2015, the RSS file is still going to have originally been first published on the 22/05/2015. Thus, what shows up in the RSS feeds.

I would hazard a guess though, back dating or forward dating the post, will adjust the date of last modification for an entry.

Overall though, that's how RSS functions from my understanding and I'm not aware of any system capabilities which would help, rather than republishing the content on the date you'd want it to show up in the RSS.

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Message # 3 | 0:33 AM
Thank you, Alex.

I actually have a good understanding of RSS feeds and I use them a lot in various creative ways.

You are indeed correct that the RSS is pulling the publishing date from the site's Database, and that is a problem, since, by republishing pics, the RSS feed ends up not matching the Album.

An easy fix would be to adjust the RSS settings so that instead of pulling the publishing date from the original entry date, it pick the last modified one This would ensure that the RSS feed always match the order of the module items, and it is a 2 minute programming fix, that would not impact the Database or any other ucoz resource.

Let me know if that is an acceptable solution.

Thank you!
uCoz Community » uCoz Modules » Photo Albums » Photo Entry Date and RSS feed
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