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Help on Chat Box (Tag Board)
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Message # 31 | 4:04 PM
Quote (Rake)
Use quick replacement.

CP > Design > Quick substitution of template parts

In the "Find" box, type in " Tag board "
and in the "Replace by" box, type in the name you want the tag board to have.

Hey. I tried replacing the Mini Chat name with Clan chat but it tells me that

No replacements were made.
Check whether search fragment is correct

I also tried replacing Tab board with Clan Chat but still nothing.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Message # 32 | 5:01 PM
kdxman, use Builder.
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Message # 33 | 5:04 PM
And where is that. surprised
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Message # 34 | 5:07 PM
This thread will explain:
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Message # 35 | 10:07 PM
hi just a quick one

a mate of mine has asked me to sort his chatbox out coz it won't display

well ive got the code via control panel and all it is giving me is $CHAT_BOX$

i paste that into the module god knows if its right or wrong i aint got a clue but when i save the changes it comes up with a game monitor instead of the chatbox any idea why ?

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Message # 36 | 10:19 PM
RjW^, make sure you installed Tag Board first. Afterwards use builder to insert chat.

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Message # 37 | 3:31 PM
hello again. I've a question. Can i change the backround color of tag board? i can't find it in css or "edit the appearance of entries"!
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Message # 38 | 6:09 PM
papp0us, design # ?
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Message # 39 | 0:50 AM
Design # 984
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Message # 40 | 10:23 AM

Quote (ShiFT)
Hello! The other day, I added some new smilies to my website. They now work anywhere..except the tag board. They appear as a blank box with a red "X" in the center, like if it was unavailable. I say again: They work anywhere except in the tag board.. How can I fix this?
Discussion about smiley's:
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Message # 41 | 3:53 AM
is there a way to change the time stamp in the tag board to also show the date that it was posted?
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Message # 42 | 5:14 AM
Levos, CP >> Module Design Customization >> Tag Board : Appearance of Entries

<div style="float:right;font-size:8px;" title="$DATE$">$TIME$</div>

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Message # 43 | 3:24 PM
please plz can any one help me
i want that all the user who are online on my website can chat is it possible.
if so plz give me all the details. how can i install, and everything.
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Message # 44 | 3:27 PM
Did you read the first post of this thread by Sunny. First read. You'll know.
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Message # 45 | 3:47 PM
I hope this is the Right spot to ask this, if not please forgive and forward me.
I'm actually tring to modify the background Colour of the Tag Boards "enter new message" field. I dont know if thats Possible at all. However i have tried multiple things already like adding it into this line ( i dont even know if thats the right line :D)
<textarea class="commFl" style=bgcolor="#5F91AE;height:135px;" rows="8" name="message" id="message" cols="50">$MESSAGE$</textarea>

Hope you can help.