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Hello, uCoz people! Here I'll share the promotion tips which can help you promote your websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Search Engines is a great source of visitors for your website. In order to make the search engines "like" your website you need to Optimize it. This kind of Optimization is called SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

Whether Search Engines like your website or not will depend on many factors. I'll share here the most important of them.

1. Create unique content. Search Engines love unique content and do not like duplicate content. More visitors will be brought to your website from the SE, if you research the keywords and place them in the TITLE, in text of the website pages. The keywords density has to be 3%-5% for each page.

2. Add your website to search engines when it is not less than 30 days old – i.e. when your robots.txt allows your website indexing.

There is a large list of Search Engines where you can submit your website. I suggest that you pay more attention to the following:

The more Search Engines (SE) will know your website, the better. But the SE mentioned above are the most important as they are the largest and can send you a lot of visitors.

3. Add your website to catalogs. The most widely known catalog is DMOZ. Be attentive when adding your website to it. Choose the category correctly, make a proper title and description. By doing so you will increase the chances of your website to be added. Keep in mind that adding website to DMOZ will give a little bonus in SE ranking.

4. Growth of the link mass. The more websites will place links to you the more visitors from SE you will have. The more famous website that links to you is the more valuable the link is. It is important that links to your website contain your tarkeg keyword in anchor.


Social Media Optimization (SMO)

The Search Engines is not the only source of visitors for your website. A lot of people spend the majority of their time in social networks when surfing Internet. It is possible to spread the information about your website there. This kind of your website optimization is called SMO.

1. Integrate your website with the Social Networks like Facebook. You can add the Facebook  button   to your website. When people click it you will get links from their profiles. Besides the "Like" button, there are a lot of other Facebook widgets that can be integrated into uCoz websites.

2. Use Twitter to get additional visitors for your website. You can post tweets with links about new posts on your website. Those links are indexed by search engines. When you have a thousand of followers each such tweet will send tons of visitors to your website.

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You can find twitter buttons and widgets here

3. Place share buttons of the social bookmarks like delicious. There is a dozen of big social sharing web services, but I suggest that you do not use many of them at once as your website with a lot of buttons will look like an Xmas tree.

The most popular bookmarking services:


General Advices

1. Make your website for people. You will earn much more from a high-quality website than from copy-pasted content or pop-under ads.

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