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Google ad sense
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Message # 1 | 4:40 PM
I know there were topics about it already and I would ask there instead posting new topic, but unfortunatelly those are locked.
So I wanted to put adsense to my ucoz site and when Im trying fill "I will show ads on:" field with my domain "www.yakuza.ucoz.com" it says in red:
"URL must not have a path (example.com/path) or subdomain (subdomain.example.com)"

I tried different forms withtout "www" or with http but still same problem. Seems like google doesnt accept "double dotted" addresses.

I also tried to type just www.ucoz.com and got this "This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense"
seems like ucoz is banned by google ads.

How can I fix that without buying paid domain? cry
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Message # 2 | 5:23 PM
You must have a paid domain to use adsense ( com, net, org etc ), it will not work on ucoz free domain smile
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Message # 3 | 7:00 AM
Does it mean that if I pay money to buy a domain, i can earn money from adsense
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Message # 4 | 8:52 AM
john4364, Yes.
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Message # 5 | 8:31 AM
The shorter the domain is more professional. But nothing helps as good as well quality content.
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