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Who is affected by the recent Google algorithmic changes?
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Message # 1 | 10:12 AM
I've been visiting some major forums and seo websites, it seems Google has been updating their algorithm recently. Many webmasters are complaining about the traffic decrease of their websites. I've been also experiencing the the Big G update recently. Many of my top articles (which ranked on the 1st page of Google before) cannot be found in the the SERPS if I search using those keywords I use in the title. They are buried down in page 10 above.

It seems that Google are targeting low quality sites or sites with low quality content.

That's why I've spending my effort in deleting those duplicate entries, spam posts or low quality content. I hope my site can recover from this update.

Who among you have been affected? What are your steps in recovering the Google dance?

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Message # 2 | 11:29 AM
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Message # 3 | 3:08 AM
khen, me also, got the same problem regarding that issue.
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Message # 4 | 10:05 AM
21.05.2014 there been another update of algorithm - Panda 4.0. big changes only for sites with weak content, and made for adsense sites.

How are your websites handle?
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Message # 5 | 10:06 AM
anders, I've never seen significant changes (decrease) to my traffic but I'm still observing. I hope I will never be greatly affected just like last year.
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