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Difference plain URL and shorten URL service
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Message # 1 | 3:27 AM
As I read the description in Comment Setting but it is not very clear.

When some one posts a link on my forum and the system automatically adds http://mysite.ucoz.com/go?http://anysite.com/

What is the difference of http://anysite.com/ and the prefix http://mysite.ucoz.com/go?http://anysite.com/ and using shorten service u.to/

What does if affect to my site and guest's site?

Hope to hear your comment.


Added (2014-03-22, 9:27 PM)
Is there anyone help me on this?

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Message # 2 | 4:51 PM
uCoz definition for u.to is

All external links in entries and comments added by visitors will be processed by the u.to service. It is very useful for search engine optimization and reduces the possibility of spamming

To disable u.to

Control Panel > Setting (top bar) > Common Settings

Go down till Shorten external links with the help of the u.to service., and uncheck
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Message # 3 | 9:59 AM
Hmm.. but shorter link are not so good for google search engine aren't they?
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