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Page is not Indexable because of User-agent: * Disallow: /
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Message # 1 | 6:22 PM
Hello, i have created anew site on ucoz Fashion9 ucoz.com but i unable to add it in webmaster because of User-agent: *
Disallow: / issue, although i have created new robots file and uploded it file manager too. What i do ?
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Message # 2 | 7:21 PM
Nbaig, brother wait for 30 days,it will be removed,
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Message # 3 | 5:03 AM
Nbaig, if your site is less than 30 days old and you have not paid for any premium service packages your site will still be within the robots quarantine period. This is a 30 day period of which your site cannot be crawled or indexed by robots. Wait out the 30 days and your site will be open for indexing soon. smile
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