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uCoz Community » Communication » General Talk » Introduce yourself at the uCoz support !
Introduce yourself at the uCoz support !
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Message # 1 | 7:43 PM
Introduce yourself...

this is a uCoz support but lets be a bit more social

hello dear uCoz users , in my opinion nobody ever visits 'User Communication' because there's not any social involved conversations between users and staff so i suggest that we all Introduce ourselves to the people we see online everyday in uCoz..., i do not expect allot of people that are actually going to give honest information or even introduce their self , but lets give it a try anyway

How to Introduce yourself:

Name: (your name)
Country: (your country)
Bio: (maximum 500 characters)
Hobbies/Interests: (things you like)
Photo: (1-2 photo's from yourself - in spoiler)


-Introduce only 1 time
-Do not reply on other users
-Put your picture in a spoiler

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Message # 2 | 11:03 PM
Name: Ruben Wetzels
Country: Belgium
Bio: I am Ruben , I'm with uCoz now for 3 years in the background of everyone and i decided to jump outs with my website uCause and helping in the uCoz support and hopefully get some succes , I am a quite social person , funny and helpful , towards almost everyone on the internet and real life .

To busy building a passive income online ;)
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Message # 3 | 1:01 PM
Name: Hein Zaw Htet
Country: Myanmar (Burma)
Bio: I am Hein Zaw Htet, 16 year old.I'm with uCoz for 2 year.
Photo : N/A

uCoz forever user from
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Message # 4 | 6:15 PM
Name :Alfaditya Septian Renata
Country: Indonesia
Bio: i am 22 years old, my hobby is playing footbal & mirc. with ucoz at least 2-3 years..and i've forgotten my first blog passwords biggrin
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Message # 5 | 0:05 AM
Name: Dragan Čelebić
Country: Serbia
Bio: 47 years old, I'm with uCoz at least 3 months.
Thanks to my friend Ruben Wetzels from the site uCause which we showed and proved that the system uCoz unimagined possibilities, and that helped me and my website looks so perfectly modern and useful.
I am a quite social person, funny and helpful, towards almost everyone on the internet and real life.
Photo: Soon
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Message # 6 | 10:38 PM
Name: Sydoryshyn Bogdan
Country: Ukraine, Russia and USA
Bio: I from Ukraine use to live in Russia right know i live in USA 3 years, with ucoz 2.5 years alredy =)
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Message # 7 | 11:35 PM
Name: Jack Wright
Country: United States
Bio: I'm going to shorten my life story a ton. I like most types of music and love watching American Football at any level. I'm active and participate in the sports of Cross Country running and Track & Field. I weight about 140lbs. and am 5'9"-"10 (not sure haven't been measured in a while). I've made numerous websites using the uCoz system and have been for about 3 years now, I keep getting better and better every day and I love every bit of it. My current projects are the GameHall and RAVED websites. If you need to know any more be sure to drop me a private message. wink

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Message # 8 | 2:19 AM
Name: Khen Salce
Country: Philippines
Bio: I'm a simple guy with incredible dreams. I'm 25 years old. I do buy and sell for a living. I love to go to other places. One of my dreams is to visit the 7 wonders of the world.

Be careful when opening the spoiler!

Ruben is so thoughtful in creating this thread. This helps a lot in strengthening the unity and bonding of ucoz users. I hope ucoz users will participate in this kind of socialization with other ucoz users. We are here in this world to help each other in order to build a better community no matter what race you are.

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Message # 9 | 2:52 AM
Name: Shedo Chung-Hee Surashu
Country: Philippines
Bio: I'm 19 years old. I took Computer Technology as my course in college. I'm a programmer / system developer. I graduated college last March 2010. Founder, CEO and programmer at Shadow Slash Teknologies (software development company). I've been with uCoz for around 3 years (since 2008). I know a few programming languages. Those are AutoIt!, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Transcript, VB, BASIC, R-BASIC, ActionScript, ActionScript2, ActionScript3, MXML, eAthena Script, Fusion Script, Weiss Script and MMB. I'm not picky when it come to music but most of the times I prefer mellow songs especially when I'm programming since it helps soothe my mind thus letting me code more efficiently. Here is my LinkedIn profile: http://ph.linkedin.com/in/shadowslash. If you need to know more, don't hesitate to ask. I'm quite friendly. wink

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Message # 10 | 9:15 AM
Name : Nono Urwazzack
Country : Philippines
Bio : 20yrs young (thats more than 10 yrs ago). I do adventure hiking and etc... I do web & graphics designing, programming and more....

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Message # 11 | 8:34 PM
Name: Edwin
Country: Belgium
Bio: I'm 16 years Old , I do bodybuilding and Fighting sport "Freestyle Hapkido" is my favourite one , I like to make Logo's especially for some people those who ask me to make one and lots of more..
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Message # 12 | 5:44 PM
Name: Chris Scott Oatham
Country: Essex, United Kingdom
Bio: Currently Studying OCR ICT and Media, I am a Sociable person and make people laugh. I will also listen to people's opinions and take them into account or improve in something. I Love Working in Media, Recently Finished a Recreational Series of Big Brother in 2010, Series 13 to be Released in May 2011.
Attachments: 6860188.jpg(63.2 Kb)

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Message # 13 | 8:06 PM
Hi I'm here to Introduce myself, My name is Pancake, I tend to enjoy a pancake here and there lol No!
I couldnt think of anything to put in the name slot so Pancake was born biggrin

And recently I added a Pancake photo to the left here and yeah so there ya have it

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Message # 14 | 7:46 AM
- Updated first post. Included Hobbies/Interests.
Kind regards,

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I'm on Behance and Twitter.
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Message # 15 | 3:22 AM
Name: Tonmoy
Country: Bangladesh
Bio: I am 25 Years Old. I Work In HugeSoft Company. Projects :
Hobbies/Interests: Hacking,Cracking and Driving In 160 KM/H In Private Area
Photo: N/A
uCoz Community » Communication » General Talk » Introduce yourself at the uCoz support !
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