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Quote Paradox ()
What you'll find is a bot or series of bots are using your website as a referral bouncer.

Server s105 - is having big technical problems
Example : is inaccessible.

Thassos Island Portal :
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Paradox, bigblog, Sunny, thank you very much.
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Any LEGO fans over here? Can you please give support to the LEGO Ideas project of my friend (who also works on the Hungarian uCoz)? We really need to reach 10k supporters smile Check out the playset and hit the "Support" button! Many thanks!

Link to the project:

hey i'm joe and i do not work for the company anymore, please contact other staff or tech support
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what's up?
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Hey guys! Been so long! How is everyone?
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Xayaan, Hey, man. What's up? biggrin
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Eriko, hey boss I how's your project.
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Which project, though? Kuru Anime?
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Hello guys wazzup...
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Hope everyone in the Ucoz community remains safe during these times.
Listen to the recommended guidelines given for protection in all countries.
Eventuallly this will pass and we will resume normal activities again.
God bless... and stay safe.

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