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Well, I was wondering about a thread where the community of Ucoz itself and exchange their website links with others. I been looking around for a while on the forums and couldn't find one. Sending emails or private messages to websites one by one is pretty annoying, especially trying to find one that can be related to your website. This thread is a thread needed on Ucoz and it is really simple. All you do is post your banner on here to request exchanges from others. When you post your banner, give a short description of what you website is about so others can understand what they backlinking to on their website if they decide to exchange links.

  • Banner format must be .gif
  • Website must have been created with the system used by Ucoz.
  • Your website must have a domain name (.com, .net, .org, and so on).
  • Show 1 or more banners which can be added to the sites of others.
  • Must add one banner the size of 88x33.
  • Ucoz has a block which can easily add banners, best banner size for it is 88x33.
  • Show the code of the banner under the banner itself for easier adding.
  • Add contact information so you can be notified when someone adds your website to theirs.
  • PM the member on this site before adding to be sure of acceptance.
  • Ask a member your intersted in for custom banners if they are not small or large enough!

Website: Zeatrex
Banner: Size 88x33

Banner Code
<a title="Zeatrex Games: Here's a gaming community where you can download games!" href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>

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