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i'm from arab ucoz
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Message # 1 | 10:39 AM
I'm from the Arab ucoz I'm Old there
my name 's ( amr elsayed mohamed ) i'm from egypt
I welcome you
I joined here online to participate in the Premier ucoz and provide assistance
But I will not be very active because I am interested in the Arab ucoz


my web site is

Added (2013-08-04, 4:39 AM)
i'm wait for your welcome happy

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Message # 2 | 4:05 AM
i like your site very nice... is there any translation of it
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Message # 3 | 8:02 AM
Thank you very much biggrin
Yes, I've added an existing translation in the top left of the site
Site cares about Islamic culture and scientific and intellectual
The most important thing in my site inviting to god and to Islam
I saw your web site is very beautiful

Thanks again for Answer - site is available to everyone to join him
Any question about my site i'llreply, God willing,


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Message # 4 | 9:16 AM
3mr, if you want to advertise your website, you should do it here: http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/25-15314-1

For general talk please go here: http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/25-15984-1


I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.
uCoz Community » Communication » General Talk » i'm from arab ucoz (hello)
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