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uCoz Community » Communication » General Talk » Any experienced site-builders around? (Looking for the helping type.)
Any experienced site-builders around?
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Message # 1 | 1:38 PM
Hello everyone,

After a while of observation, I've started to sink my teeth into actual website building, but am finding the process a daunting one. I'm wondering if there are any experienced uCoz web builders who wouldn't mind guiding me through this process. I don't want you to build my site, but I'd appreciate someone of experience showing me the way things are properly done. I am a quick learner and if you like explaining things, you'll find me most dedicated. If you're into new experiences, please PM or post in reply.
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Message # 2 | 2:00 PM
Xean, I don't have the time to walk you through step by step but I can point you in the right directions and let you find your way from there. What exactly when it comes to web development are you wanting to learn? That question is really the crux of whether different people can help or not.
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Message # 3 | 10:50 PM
Xean, I have listed some source below to guide you through uCoz website builder and its features

uCoz Textbook - http://book.ucoz.com/

uCoz FAQ - http://faq.ucoz.com/ [all frequently asked questions]

Video Tutorial - http://video.ucoz.com/

Obviously uCoz Forum - http://forum.ucoz.com/
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Message # 4 | 3:20 AM
Xean, you can try codecademy. They have tutorials and examples that really helps. I've learned PHP and some Python there. smile
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Message # 5 | 3:58 PM
Thank you for your interest everyone, I'm focused on the ways of getting things done from scratch using the builder. I can learn to build solo, but it will take longer and I guess I don't have that long of an attention span lol, but I'd appreciate if a casual user shows me around; one who has been around and done it before and doesn't mind spending some time in conversation with one like me, who if I may say so, has a clear vision of what I want and is brilliant with designing and ideas, though inexperienced in execution. If I can find a veteran user or creation expert to team up with, there's no telling what we could build. I don't expect to find anyone easily, but it doesn't hurt to cover all bases and ask anyway. The irony is among the many thousands of users, there is someone who's probably looking for my type of talent, but not all users read the forums. If someone who reads this is interested, let me know. Thanks for the helpful links meantime, feel free to post any tricks, insights and helpful links, i'll look them all through!
uCoz Community » Communication » General Talk » Any experienced site-builders around? (Looking for the helping type.)
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