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Other CMS service
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Message # 1 | 7:27 AM
Hi All,

Is there anyone using Wordpress or any other CMS?

Are other CMS better or worse? Why?

Would like to here comment from you guys.

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Message # 2 | 3:26 AM
lanh, It depends on your project. If you would ask which one I would prefer in handling largescale database for blogging purposes I would recommend ucoz. The only downside is in the free user. If you would like to venture good CMS try to use joomla it's more on php and if you mastered php then its a big plus. Kindly take note that ucoz has its own framework of programming method. Hence ucoz has its own style of using php. I mean the conditional operator of ucoz. The endif function. So far uCoz servers are stable I will not condemning if you use wordpress but for me I don't like to use wordpress. I ventured different CMS and I also created my own CMS yes I created my own CMS with the help of PHP. Well I could conclude that uCoz is great in multidimensional CRUD project and not only that the shop module also were very great. My only downside is I can't afford to subscribe. wink wink wink
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Message # 3 | 4:35 AM
Just like what Cyberdasm said. It really depends. Use the right tool for the job.

Some people might say uCoz is better and some will choose WordPress. But in the end a CMS is a CMS. You'll always bump into a dead end one way or another. And that's fine. It just mean that you need to move on and use another tool that will fit your needs.

uCoz is definitely great for small businesses that just want to bring out their products to the internet. If I have a small shop and I want to write blogs about the stuff that I sell, or even show videos about my shop, then I'll just use uCoz.

WordPress, on the other hand, is much more customizable. It's because you'll have to host WordPress yourself. You have control over everything. Database? Check. The logic itself? Check. But in this way, you'll have to worry about security yourself.

So... if you just want a simple website that will show your products while not worrying about security. Use uCoz. uCoz got you covered, fam. But if you want more control over the cost of your site's security, go ahead, use WordPress. I'm not saying WordPress is unsecure but if you do some shitty stuff then you can definitely bring down its security.

I'm just scratching the surface here. There are still tons of reasons to use uCoz and same goes with WordPress. You just really need to use the right tool for the job.

And if ever you go beyond that, like if you have this million dollar idea (don't we all?) and uCoz/WordPress won't be able to meet your needs then you can step a little further and use Ruby on Rails (I recommend this one), Django, Laravel, etc.

WARNING: The next paragraph will be my personal preference. Take it with a grain of salt.
Personally, I think Rails + React + Redux = perfection. You have all the control that you need while maintaining the security + speed of the site. Lightning fast front-end and very easy to manage back-end. xD
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Message # 4 | 3:38 AM
Long time no see ^^~
Nice to see you guys.

Your feedback is very valuable to other users. Hope to receive more comment from you.

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Message # 5 | 6:14 AM
I find that if we host WordPress by cheap plan hosting is impossible for a big site. They use up the memory of the host very soon and the data is bigger day by day.

uCoz is a good plan for small business and who want everything is done.

I also try some other services, platform, code that need to re-design a lot of stuff and it is impossible with my ability. @@

But lately uCoz put a lot of ads on free sites so it is not a good choice for free plan. ~ tongue
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Message # 6 | 5:24 PM
Cyberdasm, small addendum: Joomla is possibly the worst choice for modern web development. Wordpress is light years ahead of Joomla in terms of UI/UX, ease of use, and reliability.
Quote Eriko ()
Personally, I think Rails + React + Redux = perfection

Rails is............ok, but I personally prefer Express + Vue/React + Redis.

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