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Before you give me reply stating , we dont support coding, read this out dry

I have been running my online radio for quite sometime now & i have been streaming on ten other websites , so i did the same here, however it was fine the first day , it seems now you have limited the relay from your server & streaming as well, may please know why? if you say i can add personal java scripts & html , then please limit the usage sad .

i have transferred my entire set of domains here & now i am facing this issue as trying to finish my websites one by one.

Coding is perfect just to let you know I have a team of IT guys who work with me & they are strictly pointing out that the Ucoz server is limiting the Static relay & streaming , for what joy? wacko

please help.

these are the domains i had transferred to Ucoz ,

Thankfully we had retained one domain which with some other host provided & there is no issue with them .

please let me know if this can be resolved, if not i dont think there is any point to build the website & get paid services with Ya'll.

Thanks & regards,

Frequencygeek Team

Added (2010-12-22, 8:54 Am)
Lol forget it lol , i guess some one already fixed it , please dont let this happen again it is a request .

Thanks ucoz

Frequencygeek team lol