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Havoc Organistation
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Here at the Havoc Organisation we offer the most loyal and respectful staff here at our community, if there is anyone who is in need at help we will be there to provide them within a short time period of 6-12 hours. We offer many types of services from major game tips, advice and tactics.

We are offering many oppertunities here at Havoc Organisation to earn many awards that will either go towards your gaming to give you that wanted downloadable content or just to enhance your gameplay giving you that extra advantage or an award for your profile on this community that can revert into an even bigger overall reward like a site rank promotion and gain extra reputation and more features for you to access or maybe just want a more subtle approach and want a redeemable code for your chosen game console to up your account balance with an account credit redeem code.

It is still under construction and needs a lot of work and needs Staff, Game Reviewers and Article Editors. We are a new community and we will allow only other uCoz sites to partner up and help one another out to get the best out of our sites and build the best they can be. I am qualified in html, css and python!

Thanks, Enjoy Your Day!

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