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我在ucoz新建的一个二级域名,,然后把我注册的一级域名在上面qingchujin.com解析,为什么我在做一级域名网站内容时,那个二级域名的内容也总是和一级域名的网站内容一模一样呢?而且百度是每天都收录那个二级域名的,在百度快照上就是显示 这是怎么回事啊,我是菜鸟,又不懂英文,希望能得到解决

I ucoz a new second level domain,, and then I registered a domain name in the above resolution, why I do level domain website content, content that the two domains are always and a domain name is identical to it's website content? And Baidu is the day that the two domain names are included in Baidu snapshot is shown on how this is going, ah, I am a rookie, does not speak English, hoping to be resolved
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