Message # 1 | 11:49 AM
uCoz has got an addition: now the system is also available in the Armenian language. The localization is partial, i.e. only the user part of a website is translated.

Adding of the Armenian localization is a logical step as we could not leave uCoz's popularity in Armenia without attention - according to the Alexa data, is in TOP20 of the most popular websites in Armenia, and the average daily number of visitors from this country is 100,000 hosts and 1,000,000 hits at the moment. Following the results of 2011, Armenia takes the first place among the CIS countries according to the number of citizens that have Internet access (47,1 % of the population), and the monthly number of page views is well past 100 million.

Even now there are a lot of interesting uCoz website in Armenian and about Armenia, e.g. a fan site of the Barcelona Club, Armenian electronic library etc. We would like to believe that after the launch of this localization much more interesting websites will be created, taking into account the fact that there is a domain of the Armenian national zone among the list of available domains —

If you find any mistakes in the translation, please inform us.

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