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Dear Users! Today uCoz celebrates its 7th Birthday! To celebrate this event, we've prepared a new contest under the title "7 Years with uCoz!". The contest will be launched very soon, and while you are waiting...

Another busy year has been had here at uCoz (and the uCoz community) with many new additions, quirky moments, awesome releases, cool new things, and fun times. As a special addition on our 7th Birthday we are taking this opportunity to share a brief history of the past year and some statistics with our users here on the forums.

To begin, I would like to introduce the latest addition to our tech division from the past few days, Server 72. We are constantly updating our servers and infrastructure; even introducing new servers on a somewhat frequent basis. All of these small updates work towards tweaking the system to improve the areas we can improve and keep maintained the areas we are already well happy with.

In addition to our technical workings, the uCoz team itself is forever growing with new developers, designers, technical specialists, project managers, support employees and all of our localization-managers. Almost close to releasing our new localisation (Armenian) we're happy to welcome on board our new Armenian localization manager and any other associated staff. To anyone else who has joined our team in the past year reading this, a huge welcome!

Of course I can't now forget to mention the many updates and releases we've given our users over the course of the year, the most important of them listed below:

  • launch of the domain registration service
  • renewal of the affiliate program
  • transfer of our sign-in system to oAuth
  • updated Lightbox and jQuery to the version 1.7.2.
  • release of the Video module
  • new default 404.htm page, renaming of into and many other smaller updates and bug fixes.

We would like also to share some user statistics, it might be very interesting for you smile You, our users are the main indicator of our success. So here's what we've got:

  • For 7 years there were 17 million websites created with uCoz. Of course this number includes registrations by bots (which we delete mercilessly), numerous test websites which have usually a short life period, and the websites, once created, and then abandoned by their creators and automatically deleted from the system. In total we have now 1 million 114 thousand 379 active websites, created by about 580 thousand administrators.
  • All these website generate 8 million hosts per day.
  • 2/3 of the traffic is accounted for by the websites with custom domains.
  • Website building and computers have always been more interesting for males. And uCoz is not and exception: 19.8% female administrators and 80.2% male administrators.
  • Speaking about age, the group 16-20 years is the leader - 24.9%. Then go 21-25 with 18.8% and 11-15 with 17.3%. So in general our users are quite young. But the number of users of 36 and older has been constantly increasing during the last 4 years.

Well that's it for this year, everything in a nutshell that has happened here and there. Of course there is always so much more going on around the place with new projects in development, technical updates, system development, and community expansion – but this will hopefully be a great update on what’s been happening. From myself and the forum team, have a great next year!

P.S. Thanks to Alex (aka Paradox) who've prepared most part of this post smile

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