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We keep fixing system bugs and releasing updates - that’s what I’m going to announce today. This is the 5th update this year, and of course not the last one!

The updates have been divided into categories for your convenience.

E-shop Module

  • error when moving options in Control Panel;
  • on the order page payment and delivery methods weren't chosen in some cases, now the choice is made by default in any order;
  • incorrect displaying of hidden categories in the $CATEGORIES$ code on the page /shop/all has been fixed;
  • a mark, notifying about an item presence in user's wish list, has been added when editing the number of items via the moderator panel;
  • added to the module settings: the minimum number of items in an order and the maximum number of items in an order;
  • the s_clear_amount setting for SmsCoin has been added;
  • auto-transfer of a user into another group if he submitted orders;
  • the possibility to set custom delivery price on the order page (to use custom calculators);
  • a number of minor bug fixes, invisible to users but necessary for the stable work of the module.

Video Module

  • the bug with entry display on the CP "Entry management" page for some users has been fixed;
  • the bug with the br tag when adding/editing videos has been fixed;
  • the $ADD_ENTRY_LINK$ variable has been added to all templates of the module.

Visual Comment Editor

  • the bug with smilies and saving of typed text in Internet Explorer has been fixed;
  • if a security code (captcha) is typed incorrectly, the text in the comment field/private message/forum post is saved and doesn't disappear.

Forum Module

  • going to the first unread message - sometimes this feature didn't work right and a user was taken to a random thread page. This bug has been fixed;
  • non-working delete button on the page with user's threads;
  • the button to recount threads and posts has been added to the module settings.

Mobile Version

  • when switching to the PDA site version the page doesn't need to be refreshed any more;
  • the code $USER_AGENT_PDA$ can now define Opera Mobile 12.

Other Modules

  • Catalogs: the bug with the "Non-existent entry" error when rating entries has been fixed;
  • Publisher: the incorrect displaying of RSS feed by the address /publ/rssya/ has been fixed;
  • Site News: the bug in the calendar (allowable year values) has been fixed - from 2010 till now;
  • Photo Albums: the code $USER_LOGGED_IN$ has been added to the "Appearance of photo entries".

Other Updates and Bug Fixes

  • The bug with the error "The smiley calling code contains unallowable characters" when deleting a smiley in Control Panel has been fixed;
  • the bug with the IP address checkup on the user’s page and in forum appearance of entries has been fixed;
  • the work of the "Comments premoderation" feature has been fixed;
  • the work of the import of remote code RCODE has been improved;
  • the work of the setting "No security code required" for the "Users" group in the user permissions has been fixed.

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