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Updates and Bug Fixes
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Message # 1 | 1:09 PM

Following the release of the new module - Social Media Publisher - we present another batch of updates and bug fixes that affected the following modules: E-shop, Site News, Blog, Ad Board, Online Games, Tests, Video, Forum.
There are a lot of minor improvements, and I’ll describe them all in more detail below.


The following bugs have been fixed:

  • the visual appearance of E-shop main page for the Arabic localization;
  • the problem with switching options (images, prices, stock are now displayed correctly, in accordance with selected options);
  • the setting for the number of products in stock for export into XML, YML;
  • the work of the shopping cart for Guests.


  • when paying with PayPal, it is possible now to select the language for further interface of the PayPal payment system:

  • the variable $STOCK_TOTAL$ has been added to display the total number of items;
  • a website backup includes now the stock values of items;
  • the redirection feature has been added to Control Panel -> E-shop -> SEO settings (you can now set 301 redirects for the module):

  • the possibility to specify an order status, starting from which cumulative discount is applied, has been added;
  • Wish Lists have been returned as a link on User Bar:


A number of modules have got useful improvements, and here is the list:

  • the $ENTRY_CATS$ variable and its description have been added to Online Games, the "Full entry text and associated comments" page;
  • the bug with the display of images in Site Search has been fixed;
  • in Visual Editor all open BB codes will be closed automatically from now on;
  • when sending mass emails (via Control Panel) you will see a notification message, which will save you from sending messages with rash contents or blank fields:

  • when buying a paid package for a year or more, you will get a promo code (it used to be a certificate), but the principle of operation will remain the same;
  • the problem of PDA templates not being restored from a template backup has been fixed;
  • changes to the work of the entry posting form in all modules have been made (the work of categories output has been revised);
  • sorting of threads/posts has been added to the page /forum/0-0-0-6 (it is possible to sort the results from oldest to newest, and from newest to oldest):

  • the $SHOP_HMENU$ feature has been added to the Video module;
  • the $SITE$ variable is now working in "Appearance of comments"; it displays the link to the website of a comment author (if the author specified it);
  • the $IS_NEW$ variable is now working in "Appearance of comments" for websites with local users;
  • the following variables have been added to Forum: $CUR_SECTION_NAME$, $CUR_SECTION_URL$, $CUR_FORUM_NAME$, $CUR_THREAD_DESCR$, $CUR_FORUM_URL$, $CUR_THREAD_URL$ and $CUR_THREAD_NAME$.
    They output titles and URLs of threads/sections/forums being viewed:

  • filtering of BB codes has been added to user signatures;
  • user transfer under certain conditions in the Tests module has been fixed;
  • the following variables are now working in "Appearance of entries" of the Site Search module: $CUR_USER_ID$, $CUR_GROUP_ID$ and $CUR_USER_REG_DAYS$;
  • a security code has been added to the form for sending emails via a profile page:

  • the variable $CURRENT_PAGE$ has been added to Site News and Blog; is displays the number of a current page;
  • the feature "No security code required" has been fixed for entry posting pages;
  • the work of the filters has been fixed (usage of filter #3);
  • the repetition of rel="nofollow" in page switchers has been removed;
  • the duplication of the "»" sign in forum navigation at /forum/0-0-0-36 has been fixed;
  • the work of the hidden text feature (hide) has been fixed - now it can't be viewed through the source code.

That’s it for today! Don't be upset if you haven’t found the update you are waiting for on the today's list. The summer isn't over yet, as well as our summer updates! :)

I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.
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Message # 2 | 3:44 PM
Keeps getting better & better. You guys are doing great work.
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Message # 3 | 5:02 AM
keep the updates flowing.. we love it... wink
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Message # 4 | 8:30 PM
Thanks for the info keep it up biggrin
uCoz Community » General Information » uCoz Updates & Announcements » Updates and Bug Fixes (Update 9-2013)
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